The Black Cowl

The Black Cowl was a persona created by Luminary Konrad Mauer and his sister Katrina Mauer, two survivors of a witch clan thought wiped out years earlier. They gained power over Averheim‘s criminal underworld and placed agents in the household of Graf Friedrich von Kaufman and close to Marcus Baerfaust, who was then commander of Averheim’s military forces.

Views of the purpose of this conspiracy vary, though it targeted the Leitdorfs, Alptraums and leadership of the Empire at different points.

The Black Cowl’s efforts were part of the long term witch conspiracy revealed to have caused Marius von Leitdorf’s madness and the succession crisis in Averland, through kidnapping his clear heir Leopold. Beyond weakening Averland through removing central government and preventing efforts to reunify it such as the bomb plot aimed at Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum at the Temple of Drama, the plot sought to do the same to the Empire by striking at the Emperor and trying to kill the Empire’s leadership in magical attacks at the The Day of the Bell, and the unveiling of the statue of Leos von Leibwitz.

Mauer has vanished and his whereabouts are unknown. His sister has only been identified in references, there are no reports of his appearance or whereabouts. Both are sought by Witch Hunters, the College of Light, the Leitdorf family and the Knights of Sigmar’s Blood, and the Alptraum family.
Earlier Text from when Black Cowl was focus of adventure – players were invited to add information but never did.

Adele Ketzenblum thought it is one of Captain Marcus Baerfaust, Graf Friedrich von Kaufman or Luminary Konrad Mauer.

Score so far: Black Cowl 2, maybe 3 (Dwarf, Magnus and perhaps Wilhelm if deductions correct), PC’s 2 (Curt, Schaffer).

Congrats to Frank/Elke for starting to try to triangulate things (a sigh of relief perhaps from one quarter when the witch hunter’s death is learned).

Peiter Verstholen reported most now believe it was Luminary Mauer – using magic to appear taller etc., given his flight when a witch-sign was seen upon him.

Word circulated in Averheim that the Hunters of the Black Cowl think he left the city (as they shared underworld chatter).

The Hunters left Averland in Kaldezeit 2522 and have not heard what transpires in it or the Empire since then. As of a year since the events on the Averheim waterfront, the Hunters are in the Southlands.

Most recently, in Sigmarzeit 2523, finding the chamber the effigy of those events originated from several Hunters had visions…

The Black Cowl

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