Second Southlands Expedition

This page records the planning and execution, of the Second Southlands Expedition, intended to follow the route of First Southlands Expedition in order to investigate certain matters and also turn a profit.

Current status – In Ruins of the City of Gold, having slain “the Prophet” and preparing to explore.

Graf Friedrich von Kaufman is the primary financier and backer of the expedition, his interests serving the interests of Hunters of the Black Cowl.

A expedition to the Southlands is much more than “buying passage on a ship”. Ships do not travel regularly. Travel into the interior requires preparation and a sizeable expedition.

The issues of interest to patrons:

  • Treasures of gold and ancient or native artefacts, Southlands wonders such as rare animals or plants. (Kaufman, any investors – including all PC/Expedition Officers as they have offered for “share of returns” compensation not salary)*

These are the core interests motivating Graf von Kaufman and other commercial investors. The Southlands interior has never been well-explored.

Proof Eric Mandelbrot/Templeman is dead, any clues about the Old Ones and whether Professor Mandelbrot’s ravings have any validity is also of interest though such ideas are considered dangerous and not to be let loose among those who would misunderstand them.

What is more, word has come back on the last convict ship returning from Sudenburg that stories are circulating of a fernesh (what southrons call people from further north than Araby, ‘sickly ones’) who is organizing raids by the Biloko savages against civilized folk. These stories started circulating in Sigmarzeit 2522, after the expedition had left. Could someone thought dead still be alive? Who?

  • The Effigy’s Source and Associated Lore (Acari Valandar/Tower of Hoeth, Egon Menger/Templars of Sigmar)*

The source of this effigy that contained safely but also concealed a mass of warpstone and any related arts and lores.

The Ship/Expedition Dice Pool (as influenced by PCs)

Blue, 3 Green, 1 Yellow, 4 White
(as if a Stat 4 character, trained, 3 deep in conservative, with some things going for him)

PC checks will modify that for “legs of journey” adding further good (or bad) dice.


Frau Hurdleberger was happy with outcome of What To Do About a Girl Like Isadora so 2 Blue dice contributed. PC influenced choice towards the sort of captain to be conservative so one becomes Green.

Graf von Kaufman’s involvement provided two Fortune dice (Lack of his support would add a Challenge die)

Veterans of the first expedition were used – fortune die, extra Chaos star possibility Khorhadriel may have prevented.

Eothlir Valandar – recruited for an Expertise die (he’s that good) and fortune die (he’s made trip before), despite misgivings having to bear his cousins’ bickering, Edrahil promising to keep him out of it.

PC’s decide to Accept Partners with Other Objectives_

Streissen University provides funding and Professor Ulfred Gorman of the University of Altdorf, guest lecturer at Streissen University, is along. He is interested in Southlands ruins. He was a Sun Society member who disputed other members at times. He doubted the Middenheim Project and Professor Schott Mandelbrot’s “von Dankien froggy” leanings. Professor Gorman wishes to study Southlands ruins and artifacts to disprove ridiculous theories that circulate in the absence of facts. Green Die.

The Court of Nuln provides funding for Johann Sibbick, a great artist much favoured by the Court of Nuln. Seeing the popular work of Tilean Luis Dalmoti, he is sure he can surpass it and has convinced patrons. Sibbick’s work could also help dramatize deeds and build interest in the results of the expedition, increasing profits and immortalizing heroes. Green die.

Expedition Officers

Graf von Kaufman has arranged for specific roles among the comrades:

  • Gunnar Holck is the Graf’s agent, and thus de facto leader of the expedition with control of Trade Resources (which may be used to modify expedition rolls and reduce risk etc but are also the means to invest).
  • Edrahil Valandar is Captain of the expedition’s military forces, charged with physical security and disposition of the expedition if it is ever under attack.
  • Korhadriel is Expedition Mage, charged to assess all supernatural matters to discern those profitable from those exceedingly dangerous or tainted.
  • Elke – now deceased – was a Templar of Sigmar and present to avoid any repeat of past problems, the expedition was have final say on any objects, creatures or person’s suitability to be returned to the Old World. He also sanctions her ongoing inquiry into the spiritual purity of the expedition. She was the first major loss the expedition suffered, perishing when the expedition first ventured up the Hungry Water from Goudenport. Alas, no Sigmarite “clean bill of health” can now be assured for whatever the expedition hopes to bring back.

*Captain Jurgen Holzmauer has taken day-to-day command of the mercenaries, having distinguished himself on the journey and being a veteran of the first expedition.


12 mercenaries hired in Averland (3 4-man squads). Of these, 8 are marines (able to also work the ship if necessary). 4 of the marines are veterans of the first Southlands expedition.


20 in total, however only 6 are recruited in Averland, all veterans of the first trip. The rest are with the ship and its officers in the Black Gulf.

Including the “barracks room lawyer” Schimko.

Ship’s Officers

The Silver Drake, captained by Hendrick van Gosse. He and his officers are not part of the inland expedition.

Going Inland

6 veteran sailors and the 12 Averland mercenaries accompany the expedition inland.

The Expedition Officers are accompanied by Johann Sibbick, Professor Gorman and Avallyne Valandar.

They hire Ebonian mercenaries as well, a dozen men (3 squads) lead by Umholi Dumisani ka Phila (the man with lion skin cloak who regarded breaking a promise as displeasing to Ogoun), who have a gang of 4 porters with them. They also hire 6 gangs of porters (24 men) [in total they have hired 40 natives to accompany the 18 northerners + 3 (was 4) Officers and 3 Investor/Backers).

When on the river, each of the paddleboats the expedition is using may carry 40 people (6 crew and 34 others).

The total expedition is thus current (as of Nechhexen 19, with Elke’s death then the loss of one Ebonian mercenary relieving Puesta del Sol) 63 people. Further losses were suffered exploring a ruin during a collapse, a gang of 4 porters died (of the 7 with the expedition, -1 Stability), and then a squad of Ebonian mercenaries perished in the jungle while trekking to the Cliffs of Insanity, another -1 to expedition stability.

Second Southlands Expedition

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