Pfeildorf is a chartered free town in Wissenland, and the former capital of Sölland. It gained its charter in 2515.

It is the third largest community in the province, after Nuln (a city state, or freistadt and seat of the Elector Countess) and Wissenburg (the provincial capital).

It is the seat of power of Grand Baroness Etelka von Toppenheimer, though she resides in Schloss Mecklenburg outside the town due to its freistadt status.

Within the town, the Guilds are the major power though there are criminal gangs and other forces present. The cult of Sigmar is the most popular in the town itself, despite the popularity of Taal and Ryha in much of the rest of the region.

The town is at least as old as the Empire, being formed out of the merging of two communities once overlooked by a hillfort, having originally been named Alderhorst. By the 18th Century, the fame of the town’s bowyer and fletchers, and skill of its militia in archery, gained it the nickname “arrow town” or Pfeildorf.

After the destruction of Sölland’s army and death of its elector count, at the hands of the WAAAGH! of Gorbad Ironclaw, little hope remained for the town but its militia, lead by Reiner
von Mecklenburg drove off the portion of Gorbad’s army sent to sack it. According to legend, a mysterious archer appeared among the defenders and slew the greenskin’s greatest warriors with a single volley of arrows.

Wissenlanders believe this was Sigmar or Taal personally intervening to save them.


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