Döhnenleiter Family

Jürgen von Döhnenleiter (2460-present, aged 62 in 2522) is the patriarch of a typical noble house that struggles as a merchant family and provider of service to greater families.

He has three children by his first wife, Wissenland noblewoman, Gretchen von Fröbel (2462-2493): Marina (2481-present, age 41), Klaus (2483-2522) and Torsten (2487-present, age 35). Gretchen died in 2493 and Jürgen married 17-year old Tanja von Beate in 2498. Tanja (2481-present) has given him one son, Wilhelm (born 2500).

Klaus was the heir apparent, having married von Margarete von Neibelwald in 2508. They have three children Jürgen, Gretchen and Sigmund, born 2509, 2513 and 2517. Klaus died in Altdorf in 2522, a victim of the Mad Professor’s Plot. The family does not like to discuss the particulars (rumours are he turned into a chaos beast and was incinerated).

The family supports the von Leitdorfs and looks for ways to be useful to the Leitdorf cause. Klaus was the leader in such activities up to the time of his death.

Marina and Torsten went into the clergies of Shallya and Morr respectively. Wilhelm, who is much younger (his mother Tanja is the same age as Marina, her oldest step-daughter) and has just finished a tour in the Pistolkorps, taking a discharge to avoid a minor scandal.

Döhnenleiter Family

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