Witch Hunter Captain Wilhelm Leopold

Tall lean man with a pipe and a pistol


Wilhelm Leopold is Captain of the Altdorf Chapter House of the Templars of Sigmar, or Witch Hunters.

In his early 50’s, he is well-known for his fearless prosecution of Sigmar’s holy crusade against the Enemy Within. Leopold is from the border of the Wasteland, or Marienburg, and is more cosmopolitan than many witch hunters.

Known Views:

Captain Leopold is a taciturn man, not given to great speeches or sermons.

By virtue of his actions, it is known that Leopold supports traditional orthodoxy and regards as heretics those Sigmarites that would ban the worship of all other Imperial deities. The other gods are Sigmar’s subjects and due respect as such.

Being the captain of the Altdorf Chapter House, Leopold is particularly vigilant to corruption within any of the institutions that serve the Empire.

Captain Leopold died in the explosion in the Wissenland Platz in Altdorf, Nachgeheim 11th, 2522.

Witch Hunter Captain Wilhelm Leopold

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