Wilhelm von Döhnenleiter

Youngest son of the noble family von Döhnenleiter. Gold Tier


Rank 1 Noble (Rank 2 once 2nd noble career properly started).

Has an Averland warhorse. Stabling and feed costs 16 shillings a week (about the minimum to keep a silver tier human in an inn).

As of Aubentag 3rd, Nachgeheim, 2522 Wilhelm is disfavoured by his family for having killed Gerhardt von Leitdorf (a member of the powerful family to which Wilhelm’s family is allied) and saved Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum (that family being the rivals of the Leitdorfs) from embarrassment being engineered by Wilhelm’s older brother Klaus. This disfavour ended with his heroic actinos on Nachgeheim the 9th at Sigmar’s Great Temple.

See Noble Obligations

On Nachgeheim 15th, 2522, Wilhelm was awarded a pension from the Emperor, via General Ludvig Schwarzhelm, of 12 gold karls, first year paid immediately and payable again on the 2nd Festag of each Nachgeheim (anniversary of events).


Youngest son by way of second marriage.

He is battle-scarred veteran of the Third Battle of Blackfire Pass. A former Pistolkorp member, a member of the Young Blades Dueling Society.

The von Döhnenleiter family does not hold any major lands in Averland. It is centred in Averheim. They are von Leitdorf supporters.

Formerly walked out with Amelie Steiner, lady-in-waiting in the household of Graf Friedrich von Kaufman.

His father is Jürgen von Döhnenleiter and mother Jurgen’s second wife Tanja. Klaus was the eldest son and of the former von Leitdorf court, and is generally disapproving of Wilhelm’s wildness, especially as it reflects on the von Döhnenleiter name and his own status in the struggles over choosing a new Elector.

Klaus died in the daemonic incursion into Sigmar’s Great Temple in Altdorf on Nachgeheim the 9th, 2522. The family does not like to discuss the particulars (rumours are he turned into a chaos beast and was incinerated).

Sister Marina, priestess of Shallya and Brother Torsten, priest of Morr, are less severe in their perception of Wilhelm.

His friends whispered that Klaus desired his step-mother before she married his father, as Tanja is of an age with Marina (and thus younger than her oldest step-son), but the courtier has been civil and polite enough with her since she became Jürgen’s wife. For Klaus, as with his father, family is more important than personal happiness (how could it be otherwise), a sentiment that he finds annoyingly lacking in Wilhelm.

Wilhelm von Döhnenleiter

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