The Dwarf

Dwarf slayer of Karak Azgaraz, owing a debt of honour to the elf Korhadriel. Brass Tier.


A dwarf of Karak Azgaraz, Hold of the Fearless Axes, who with his two brothers went to fight gobbos at the Third Battle of Blackfire Pass. His brothers perished and he swore to have a glorious death beside them but instead woke up later to discover not only that he lived but that an elf had saved his life.

Such was the shame that he took the Slayer Oath and became a self-imposed outcast. To make things worse, the bookish elf Korhadriel never exposes himself to a menace other than paper cuts thus making it hard to repay his blood debt and get on with finding an appropriate foe to face.

This has all driven him to drink, which he funds by working as a guard on the Red Arrow coach line at times, having met Magnus Holck a week before adventure began, in Wurtbad though this channel. When he arrived in town on the 17th he heard news the wife of a man he owed a debt to was looking for help down on the docks.

The dwarf regards himself as already dead and does not tell people his name, making him variously “the dead dwarf”, “dwarf with no name” and “The Slayer” (which would make Korhadriel his “Watcher”) but mostly “The Dwarf”.

His clan owes a debt of 17 dwarf lives to the von Alptraum noble house of Averland. The Dwarf has recently repaid 3 of these by services to the Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum.

The Dwarf

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