Albrecht Swearmonger

Man of a 1000 Faces


The slight man with well-cropped red hair hales from Marienburg by way of most the Empire’s major cities, though he has been in Averheim for over five years.

He is of indeterminate age (40ish?) and his appearance changes as goatees, curls, a scar, shifts in complexion come and go. The only thing that anyone knows to be absolutely true about him is that he is a cunning man who misses little, and he’s a loyal follower of Ranald—all else about him seems subject to change.

Where others who have gained power in the criminal world have relied on terror and strength, Swearmonger relies more on the promise of mutual profit and a bit of social justice mixed in with it. He deals more in favours than threats, though he has a skill for putting others in the position where they need a favour from him.

Before the Black Cowl came along in early 2522, Swearmonger was partners with a tougher criminal named Faustman the Fist. They both ended up part of the The Black Cowl’s Brotherhood. When he vanished, they briefly lead the Brotherhood but Faustman soon pushed Swearmonger out.

However, in Erntezeit 2522, Faustman met his end after getting involved in a plot to auction off corrupt wine, Faustman’s Finale.

Swearmonger is known to Gunnar Holck, who met him before the Third Battle of Blackfire Pass.


Albrecht Swearmonger

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