Steiner Family


One of the 13 or so landless noble families in Averland, struggling to maintain itself. Its ancestry lies in Solland.


Sir Viktor von Steiner (2473-present) is a Knight of the Broken Sword, though retired from active service. This did not stop him from taking arms to fight at the Third Battle of Black Fire Pass.

His older sister Elizabeth married Barnabus von Kaufman (Graf Friedrich von Kaufman’ father) and his sisters married other minor nobles.

Sir Felix von Steiner (2498-present) is also an active Knight of the Broken Sword. He is also a member of the Young Blades Duelling Society.

Amalie von Steiner (2502-present) is cousin to Friedrich von Kaufman and a lady-waiting in the Kaufman household, often attending Graf von Kaufman’s aged mother (which gives her lots of spare time, which she spends getting up to lady-like mischief with her friend Fausta von Herzog).

Her bookish younger sister Isadora (2503-present, current age 19) aspires to become an initiate of Verena.

In late 2522, as a witch-hunting craze swept Averland after news of witchcraft being involved in the misfortunes of the Leitdorf’s the von Steiners sold their Averheim townhouse to Graf Friedrich von Kaufman and moved to Averland’s university town of Streissen.

Isadora is attending Owl’s Inn College at Streissen University.

Steiner Family

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