Rufus von Leitdorf

Graf of Streissen


Rufus has a florid complexion, from drinking and tends to chubbiness when he is not active, which is usually. He carries the Wolfsklinge (wolf blade), the ancestral sword of the Leidorfs.


A rank 4 noble, the second and only surviving son of Marius von Leitdorf, born 2491, 31 years old in 2522.

He is Graf of Streissen but seldom visits it. The day-to-day rule is by Bailiff Franz Döbreiner.

Rufus is rumoured to have fathered more than one bastard before his marriage to Nastassja Hiess-Leitdorf in 2521. Her reputation is even worse than his. She is supposedly a noblewoman of an obscure branch of a Wasteland family but most think she is a strumpet Rufus trumped up a pedigree for to explain marrying. In the brass tier, this has actually gained Rufus some popularity.

Rufus’ debauched conduct and tales about his doings with his wife are a source of shame to his family. They have cost him the support of Sigmarites such as his uncle Grandmaster Hans von Leitdorf and the League of the Hammer.

Rufus’ cousin Ferdinand von Leitdorf is his only friend within his family (and even Ferdinand publicly distances himself from Rufus’ excesses).

Rufus never expected to be his father’s heir, his heroic older brother Leopold having been expected to fulfill that role until his presumed death in 2521, and later confirmed death in 2522.

Rufus von Leitdorf

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