Otto Lutterberg


Wissenlander, born in 2499, age 24 in 2523.

Watchman career (being a Watchman represents guarding his sister)

Character Creation

20 points on starting stats.

2 actions (1pt), 2 skills (1pt), 1 talent (1 pt), wealth comfortable 1 point +1 level for gently born (also 1 pt).

Starting Stats

ST 3 TO 4 AG 3 IN 3 WP 3 FE 4, Wound Threshold 14 (9 + Starting To + Advance)
Stance: Conservative, 2C/2R

Skills: Resilience, Leadership
Actions: Coordinated Strike, Inspiring Words
Talents: Strength in Numbers, Ascetic Upbringing

Wealth/Social Class: comfortable – Silver
Current Career: Watchman; Past Careers: none; Planned Future Career: Initiate
Notable Career Traits: Bureaucrat, Combat, Urban

Armed with non-metal handweapon – a polished club of root-wood, fire-hardened thing of beauty rather than a simple heavy stick.

Experience Earned: 2
Advances Spent: Ascetic Upbringing (1 revealed), Wound (1)
Character Rank 1
Corruption Points: 0

Gentle Born: once per session, when performing a Social action, may turn a misfortune die into an expertise die.

Devout: after resolving an action in which a fortune point was spent, roll an expertise die and on a comet regain a fortune point.

Grim in Face of Adversity: when performing an action, ignore the first bane not cancelled by a boon.

Narrative bonus: when in towns with cattle or horse markets (which is most towns in Averland) you can have a contact via your family’s trade by spending a Fortune point.

Otto has already trained as an initiate of Taal and Ryha. He has been initiated into the Cult’s Priesthood and taught prayers. As long as he keeps them up then when he takes the Initiate Career and then acquires Piety he will gain the Curry Favour action automatically, and when he acquires Invocation he will automatically gain Minor Blessing, Blessing of Health and Minor Ward.

To qualify he must be roleplayed as someone who prays to Rhya and/or Taal in times of need – and eventually they will start answering .

In Wissenland where the family was until recently, cattle herding was often done on foot so not riding is not a big deal, though once they migrated to Averland and its plains being mounted became more common.

Where Often Found In Streissen:

During days Otto has his time to himself. Evenings he is usually in the Universität district keeping an eye on his sister (when she is not in class). Marktag mornings and Festags he also spends keeping an eye on Mina.

He stretches his legs outside town and visits the shrine to Taal and Rhya south of town frequently.

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Otto has two living parents, Yosef and Marta, two older brothers Adam, Horst and a nine year old brother Yosefklein and a 14-year old sister Wilhelmina. His other brother, the oldest, Markus enlisted in the “Sons of Sölland” freikorps (volunteer regiment) and died in the Battle of Griffon’s Fall in 2522 during the early phase of the The Storm of Chaos.

Otto knows that Markus was interested in Erica, the daughter of a landless noble Erica, Baron Erkenbrand von Tasswinder who has a small herd of cattle in western Averland (having met in Heideck) but had not worked up to acting on it before he went north (see more in Brunhart Katzlmacher bio).

Otto’s uncle Krugar and his wife Inga, son Oswin, have long lived in Heideck in central Averland and acted as your family’s agents there – Heideck is a ‘crossover point’ on local trade lines. They are closely connected to the wealthy Bayer family of Heideck.

The Lutterberg family has long run cattle in the lands near the village of Steingart in eastern Wissenland, formerly Sölland. The local markets being better for wool than leather and beef, the family often drove its cattle to sell in Averland for export deeper into the Empire or beyond the Empire to dwarfholds etc. The closest Averland town of Agbeiten has a ferry used to take cattle across the Upper Reik from Wissenland, and a well-travelled road to the cattle market at Heideck in central Averland.

The Lutterbergs respect all the official cults but like many in the region has its strongest association with Taal and Ryha, who are popular gods in much of rural Wissenland (and the rest of the Empire, including Averland). They believe in giving their children an ascetic upbringing to teach them self-reliance and thus differ from more urban silver tier families in this regard.

The Lutterbergs have a family story that they were, back in the days of Sölland, nobles with their own estates, but that these were destroyed in the 18th Century by the WAAAGH! of Gorbad Ironclaw. No records of these claims survived the devastation and troubles generally of that time and the Dark Ages that followed. The 18th Century was also when the imperial system dissolved and the Empire ceased to exist until the coming of Magnus the Pious on 2302.

Tensions between Sigmarites (who are stronger in towns and urban areas) and followers of the Horned God and Green Goddess (rural folk) have been high in recent years though the nearby Sigmarite abbey has an “understanding Abbess”. Otto’s mother was always worried he, his father, brothers would get into trouble on a cattle drive by forgetting most Sigmarites aren’t like Abbess Erzberger.

Otto first met academics from Streissen when they were in the area to examine Taal’s Teeth. He was surprised that these bookish sorts were so interested in the faith of Taal and Rhya. He learned that for the first thousand years of the Empire’s history the god and goddess were more often honoured than Sigmar and just as honoured or even more so than Ulric (though now they are overshadowed in most of the Empire).

The academics met were Professor Oldric Helmgarter and Professor Wilhelm Fortenhafer, both of Owl’s Inn College.

Professor Helmgarter is now Mina’s professor at Owl’s Inn (see Streissen University, all students study with one lead professor).

Most Recently – Streissen

Streissen is a fair-sized town and not always comfortable for Otto. It is surrounded by nearby marshland that has risen in recent years, the Nebligrausumpf (foggy grey marsh). It is home to a great deal of wildlife, particularly birds. There are rumours of mutants hiding in the marsh at times, and talk of trying drain it, either of which would be a fair shame.

There is a sacred grove to Taal and Rhya on a hill just south of Streissen, at the foot of the hill is a large wooden sweat-lodge (an institution favoured by followers of the faith and students trying to get over a particularly long night).

Questions and Answers:

Two years ago, in 2521, the Lutterbergs fled Wissenland and relocated to central Averland, settling about 25 miles south of Bieswang and west of Heideck, near the Elfenhügel (Elf Hills, a site of ancient elf ruins) and the rough territory of the Blue Reach Badlands. The Lutterbergs preserved much of their wealth in the form of its cattle herds since they could be moved. They had to leave to a dispute over grazing and water rights with interests supported by the powerful Toppenheimer family lead by Grand Baroness Etelka von Toppenheimer – this was Baron Anton Domagk who spends most of his time schmoozing in Pfeildorf and thus gained the backing of the Grand Baroness.

The large, powerful ranching and noble Alptraum family lead by Marlene von Alptraum is known to respect Taal and Rhya and one of the contenders for Averland’s electorship. It has long been a trading partner of the Lutterbergs and facilitated the Lutterberg family’s move and acquisition of grazing and water rights in Averland.

The site of the family’s relocation is the village of Mühlendorf. The village had been abandoned for seven years in 2521, everyone in it having vanished in 2514. Fear over their fate, whispers of curses or necromancers and of course of elves (after all whenever someone vanishes in Averland they say the elves did it), kept others from settling there. However, priests of Morr and Witch Hunters have visited the site and found no unquiet spirits or lingering evil. The region is controlled by Marlene von Alptraum. Her family holds the water rights in the region and bailiffs answerable to them are responsible for the scattered villages and fortified farmsteads.

In mid-2522, Otto and Harek Harginson were both caught up in Averheim riots connected to the “Efficient Eviscerator” – an experimental mechanical slaughterhouse device which was causing unrest among workers, who reacted by feeding a foreman and some of his helpers into it along with a halfling (PC name TBD). Otto and Harek intervened to save the halfling. A discussion of the uses of engineering ensued (Otto being suspicious of all such devices and Harek being skilled as a dwarf engineer) but differences were resolved with ale.

Otto’s attitude to Nature Spirits such as Altaver, Father Raven and Hyssron – the three ‘fraternity patrons’ at Streissen University is that all the theories that circulate may be true of different ones.

Otto is an open minded sort ready to consider any possibility regarding an alleged spirit. His default position would be to accept the validity of such a spirit, but in a world with a ruinous power specializing in deceit and deception, he would be prepared to question any spirit that behaved in a suspicious manner, and can readily believe that a demon might seek to impersonate such a spirit to wreak havoc among the credulous.

In Fall 2522, Otto’s younger sister Wilhelmina (Mina) began attending Streissen University’s Owl’s Inn College with a view to joining the Verenan priesthood. An education will secure her a better position and connections with a more established cult will help your family in this troubled time but she has also felt “the owl calling her” so is happy with this choice. Her chances were nearly ruined by an inappropriate dalliance with Leonardus Strup, a stable boy for Linus Caslach, but Matthias Hofmeister put an end to it – borrowing money to pay off the boy, with some fraternity brothers’ assistance, encouraged the lad to relocate to Averheim.

It was shortly after this incident that his family sent Otto to Streissen semi-permanently, where his living accommodations are paid for by his family so can look out for Mina’s welfare.

Otto arrived shortly after new years, having been in Streissen almost eight months when the campaign starts.

When duty or some other interest does not call him elsewhere, Otto has chosen to live in Streissen because of his sister. He will never abandon Averland to disaster because of his sister and family all being here now.

A recurring issue Otto faces along with Matthias Hofmeister is the gate tax charged for entering Streissen. It’s modest fee of 2 brass pennies but paying it all the time given how much he likes stretching legs outside the town, this does add up (going out daily is more than 2 shillings a month, or an increase of about 33% in minimum Living Costs). Lots of people are exempt – nobles, priests of official cults, guild officials, anyone with papers from the Leitdorfs (the town’s overlords) and officers of the state army but not students from the university.

Otto Lutterberg

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