Matthias Hofmeister

Bearded young man dressed in leathers


Apprentice Wizard Academic Averlander

Creation Points:

IN +2 (9 points)
WP +2 (9 points)
2 Actions (1 points)
Comfortable wealth (2 points) – Silver Social Tier
4 skills, 2 specializations (3 points)
Academic background (1 point) – once per session, add Success & Boon to the results of a Intelligence check you made.


ST 2 TO 2 AG 2 IN 5 WP 5 FE 2, Wound Threshold 11
Stance Reckless C1/R3
Quarterstaff (DR 4, CR 4, Defensive) and Robes (Def 1, Soak 0)

Skills and Specializations: Channeling 1 Rank (Below Capacity), Education 1 Rank (Classical language learned), Magical Sight 0 Ranks, Nature Lore 1 Rank, Spellcraft 1 Rank (Rank 1 Spells),
Actions: Channelling, Cantrip, Counterspell, Magic Dart (basic spell actions acquired in creation), Form of Grey/White Wolf, Keen Senses
Talents: none

Wealth/Social Status: Comfortable – Silver
Current Career: Apprentice Wizard; Past Careers: none; Planned Future Career: unknown (assumed to be Acolyte)
Notable Career Traits: Academic, Arcane

Experience Earned: 2
Advances Spent: Nature Lore (2 non-career)
Rank 1
Corruption Points: 0

Comets Accumulated to Attuned: 0
Drachilda had you crafting your attuned staff when she left to aid in the war. You are still seeking to finish attuning it – accumulate 3 unused comets on Channel checks to finish.

Academic: once a session may add one success and one boon to the outcome of an Intelligence check.

Greenskin Grudge: whenever an Averlander kills a non-henchman greenskin, they may recover their choice of 1 Stress or 1 Fatigue or perform a free manoeuvre.

Horsemaster: the Str-score of any horse ridden by an Averlander is considered 1 higher (note, this effectively means an Averlander can buy a cheaper horse and get as good out of them)

Narrative Bonus: Wherever you go in Averland, Wissenland or Stirland, once per session when first meeting one of any group of educated noble or silver tier males they can also be a member of The Ravens fraternity on a Fortune Point

Where Often Found In Streissen:

Matthias lives at Count’s College in the student dormitory in a room he shares with Harek Harginson.

During the school year spends his days in his professor’s class or eating meals with other students. His evenings are his own time as are Marktag mornings and all day Festag when there are no classes.

During the school year, he usually wears the required student garb of a black tabard (a loose cloth over-coat) and cap.

He stretches his legs outside town and visits the shrine to Taal and Rhya south of town frequently.

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The Amber Order – note Streissen’s population is just over 5000.
Character Background timeline

Note re difficulty channeling amber winds in larger communities, Averland the towns over 1000 are: Streissen, Grenzstadt, Pfunzig, Wuppertal and usually Averheim.

Only Averheim exceeds 10,000 and then only during the influx of people for the Wine Festival or the height of summer cattle drive.


Born in Averheim in 2500, thus an Averlander.

He favours Taal and Ryha.

The Hofmeister family is silver tier, its patriarch being an established craftsman and a member of Barrelmaker’s Guild in Averheim. Matthias is on good terms with his family, both his parents, Jurgen and Brunheld, living in Averheim. His older brother, Gottfried, has gone north to fight in the war, which is still going on as the campaign opens while the other Sebastan remains in Averheim working in the family business. Matthias is the youngest of the three brothers.

Matthias lost an uncle and cousin at the Third Battle of Blackfire Pass in 2520 (killed by greenskins, yet another reason for an Averlander to hate them).

Note – names of all relatives will be filled in, you may do that or GM will.

First identified with magical talent when 17. It was Luminary Mauer who detected some talent during his time in Averheim. When you were identified with magical talent, you were sent to Altdorf to be assessed [or you ran off etc., see above] – this was exciting and daunting (more than potential is assessed and not all who go ever come back). When an aptitude for the Amber wind was found that determined your order and college.

Actually, there is of course no College of Amber, instead, the Magisters of the Order gather in caves outside the city in a region called the Amber Hills. Students are individually apprenticed to more experienced shamans and train wherever that shaman takes them.

Training is primarily by oral tradition. In your case you were apprenticed to Shamaness Drachilda Verrukt, an Amber Wizardess who roams the foothills in east of Averland. She assists the Bergjaegers (mountain guard) at times of her own choosing. She is an unkept, wild-haired tall lean woman of few words and indeterminate age who makes domestic animals nervous (as if near a predator, which indeed she spends a good deal of time being).

Drachilda taught you to be careful about shapeshifting, since that is most often associated with hedge witches, sorcerers and mutants. Most people expect wizards to be in robes with staves not woodsy types, and suddenly changing into an animal can provoke a very negative reaction.

After almost six years, you are now completing your apprenticeship by studying “book learning” as a student at Streissen University, Count’s College. Drachilda insisted on this, for “you have to learn to be a person and around people even as you learn more of the lore of the beast, or the beast will take you and you will be lost inside it – the freedom of the running wolf, the soaring wing can seduce those who feel the amber wind just as the Call of Chaos does some others”.

Drachilda left you last fall, as she went north with other Magisters to fight alongside the Emperor’s armies. You have not seen her since and do not know if she still lives. Though you wanted to go as well, she said you were not ready yet, urging you to undertake more formal studies.

In fall 2522 you started studying under Professor Freidrich Ursinus, Professor of Logic, Geometry and Astrology. Professor Ursinus himself graduated from the university, 18 years ago, and is an inactive member of the Ravens fraternity (only current students are active members).

On Monstille (see Imperial Calendar) you were inducted into The Ravens fraternity (see Clubs in University section of Streissen), explaining narrative bonus.

However, Matthias refused, insultingly when invited to attend a meeting of the Pudding League – social organization arguments are not important compared to more fundamental questions of natural order.

Streissen is a fair-sized town and it would not be comfortable for you to stay inside its walls all the time, but the surrounding territory makes it comfortable. It is surrounded by nearby marshland that has risen in recent years, the Nebligrausumpf (foggy grey marsh). It is home to a great deal of wildlife, particularly birds. There are rumours of mutants hiding in the marsh at times, and talk of trying drain it, either of which would be a shame.

There is a sacred grove to Taal and Rhya on a hill just south of Streissen, at the foot of the hill is a large wooden sweat-lodge (an institution favoured by followers of the faith and students trying to get over a particularly long night).

A recurring issue you face along with Otto Lutterberg is the gate tax charged for entering Streissen. It’s modest fee of 2 brass pennies but paying it all the time given how much you like stretching your legs does add up (going out daily is more than 2 shillings a month, or an increase of about 33% in Living Costs). Lots of people are exempt – nobles, priests of official cults, guild officials, anyone with papers from the Leitdorfs (the town’s overlords) and officers of the state army but not students from the university. The pleasure the gate guards take in making students wait is likely the worst part of paying it.

(all answers involving another PC must be agreed with that PC’s Player:

Matthias harbours a murderous enmity for Linus Caslach (39), son of Xavier Caslach the patron of the family, and manager of the Caslach business. The family owns the town’s largest stockyard and two tanneries. Linus is an avid hunter but often just takes a trophy and leaves his kills to rot, much to the consternation of any who believe in respecting the natural world and honouring the sacrifice of animals killed in the hunt.

In his interest in visiting some justice upon Caslach, Matthias finds that Caslach surrounds himself with similar “young turk” predators who also womanize callously, rough up anyone who gets in their way as “gay young blades”. This attitude pervades Linus’ household and is even emulated by servants and stable boys. It was this interest that caused him to become aware of Mina Lutterberg’s peril (below).

Erasmus Sprinthoffer is also familiar with Linus as he has been employed as entertainment at a post-hunt party, only to find that the “entertainment” was using the halfling minstrel as target practice for the bones from dinner (having the added bonus of giving Linus’ savage hunting hounds a bit too much interest in the halfling).

Erasmus was able to warn Matthias off any plans to confront Linus as he had seen first-hand the effectiveness of Linus’s servants as bodyguards.

Matthias borrowed a great deal of money from Hans Niklaus, a money lender to help resolve the dangers to Mina Lutterberg, young sister of Otto Lutterberg (events detailed in link). He later learned Niklaus is a front for the Bunsen Gang that runs almost all organized crime in Streissen while being well-protected through payoffs to the authorities. Of course, under Imperial law your family is responsible for your debts as long as they have not disowned you and this could ruin your family if the note was presented.

He used part of this money to pay Brunhart Katzlmacher to escort the lothario stable boy out of town and impress on him not to come back.

(Metagame note – this is not intended to arbitrarily impoverish the character but give a plot hook, Matthias knows that Niklaus is not pursuing the debt just so it can mount up)

When duty or some other interest does not call him elsewhere, he lives in Streissen because of his studies.

He will never abandon Averland to disaster because of his family here.

Matthias Hofmeister

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