Marlene von Alptraum

The Iron Countess of Profeld


Her hard and active lifestyle has left her skin and figure more akin to a roadwarden’s rather than a noblewoman. Her grey hair is often bound in a bun atop her head, when in court she decorates her head and neckline with chains of gold and silver.


Countess Marlene von Alptraum is 57, widow of Julian von Sachs (married in 2485, he died in 2503).

She is the head of the von Alptraum extended family, having taken on this role in 2502 after the deaths of her mother Ludmilla (Elector Countess until her death) and her older brother Ferenc von Alptraum (murdered along with his sons in the Massacre of Grettstatt).

Marlene hates the von Leitdorf family with a passion and for no end of reasons, of which forcing her family from the Electorship in 2502 is perhaps the least. The death of Marlene’s younger sister Helena in 2506 is blamed on her the madness of husband, Marius von Leitdorf and von Alptraums suspect the Leitdorfs of involvement in the massacre at Grettstatt in 2502.

Marlene has two adult children, Ferenc and Annalise. Clothilde von Alptraum is her cousin (removed).

She is called “the Iron Countess” for her indomitable character and personal bravery. The von Alptraum wealth rests more on its herds of cattle and horses than number of peasants, and Gravin Marlene frequently rides with her men to deal with rustlers, greenskins or other threats to the herds – she is known for her harsh justice with those who threaten her stock.

In Averland it is said, “You don’t spit on Sigmar’s Hammer, you don’t question Verana’s word, you don’t pull the mask off Ranald’s chosen and you don’t mess with the Alptraum herd.

Marlene von Alptraum

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