Magnus Holck

Ostlander human of the Silver Tier, Agent of the von Hoff family.


Magnus has Reclusion Insanity, Severity 4, gained Vorgeheim 32.

Recovery is a Discipline 2D check, one permitted each month on 32nd. Success is progress towards recovery. 4 such progress steps are required.

No more than one step of progress is possible in a month. Failure and 2 banes removes a month’s progress.


Magnus Holck youngest son of an Ostland family that serves the interest of the noble von Hoffs of Ostland. He is 21 years old in 2522, having been born in 2501.

Magnus, an Agent of the von Hoffs, arrives as a foreign messenger by coach in Aveheim delivering messages to von Hoff trading partners Graf Friedrich von Kaufman (they are interested in the return on investment in that Southlands expedition), to Wilhelm’s family with whom they also have some relations though more personal as it is whether there is any news of Magnus’ two older brothers who served at Blackfire Pass and afterwards joined the Southlands Expedition. Only his brother Gunnar Holck returned.

For the week of his trip, as he road down from Wurtbad, Magnus was in the company of the The Dwarf who works as a guard on the Red Arrow Coach line at times.

Magnus Holck

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