Luthor Huss

Holy Warrior of Sigmar and Reformer Calling Sigmar's Clergy to their Mission


No PC has met him.


One priest stands out against the tide of corruption and fanaticism in Sigmar’s Church: Luthor Huss.

The tale is told throughout the Empire how he was so disgusted at the self-serving conduct of his brethren in Altdorf that he harangued them in the sacred precincts of the High Temple of Sigmar saying they profaned it.

Called to apologize by the Arch Lectors, he refused and disowned his sinecures to wander the Empire as a rogue preacher, railing against the dangers of Chaos and the corruption of the Enemy Within.

Many in the cult call for his formal excommunication, perhaps a prelude to his execution, yet Grand Theogonist Volkmar has refused. Perhaps he dares not act against Huss given the wild popularity the wandering warrior priest has with the laity. Some suspect that Volkmar supports Huss secretly as a way to expose and rail against corruption that Volkmar cannot directly without upsetting the web of political alliances at the Empire’s heart.

In the meantime, where Huss goes Sigmar’s true faith is restored and hope is kindled in these dark times.

Luthor Huss

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