Luminary Konrad Mauer

Small man with a big hat, a Battle Wizard of Light


Luminary Mauer is a short, slightly built man of 40 (in 2523).

His dazzling white Light Wizard’s robes compensate somewhat for his lack of physical stature and he never goes abroad without a white miter that adds several inches to his apparent height.

Luminary Mauer’s neatly trimmed goatee is as white as new snow (due to the use of Hysh magic not age).

Since becoming a fugitive, he likely does not wear his Order’s garb anymore. A current description is not known.


Luminary Mauer was a Battle Wizard of the Light Order, one of the few able to operate the Luminark – which he did in the recent war with Chaos in the north, being regarded as one of those who saved the life of the Emperor at the Battle of Griffon’s Fall in the early phase of the Storm of Chaos (2522 to 2523)

Mauer lived in Averheim for several years, since before the Third Battle of Black Fire Pass. He is a member of the Sun Society.

He believes in sk… ahem, well-organized rat mutants possessing advanced magical sciences, which diminished his standing in some circles.

In Nachgeheim 2522, Konrad Mauer became a fugitive. While being questioned for his part of the Mad Professor’s Plot involving the Corrupt Clapper and The Day of the Bell, the poisoning of the Emperor and the machinations of the Black Cowl, one of his personal items was recognized as a witch symbol. Using his magic, Mauer vanished and fled.

It was revealed that he came from a family of hedge witches, having been a child when they were destroyed by witch hunters, after which he was taken into the College of Light.

Konrad Mauer’s current whereabouts are unknown. He is wanted as a renegade wizard, likely to be sentenced to death when apprehended whether by the Colleges of Magic or others such as Sigmar’s Templars (witch hunters).

He is suspected of being in league with the Black Cowl or being the Black Cowl, the dominant view being the latter.

Ferdinand von Leitdorf has posted a 50 gold crown reward for the former Luminary’s death or capture on the basis that he is [The Black Cowl | the Black Cowl]].

Luminary Konrad Mauer

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