High Elf of Ulthuan, the province of Saphery, Brass Tier due to self-imposed isolation from family, a Student now wielding Aqshy


Korhadriel has suffered the permanent loss of a hand, having an artificial hand crafted by Doktor Kurtz to replace it. This is sufficient to permit him to hold a wand or staff leaving his other good hand free. For any action requiring two hands, he will suffer an added challenge die. Due to a miscast effect, his artificial hand is now a vibrant green colour.

Korhadriel is currently suffering from Fading Memories, as his mind tries to protect itself from things it does not want to confront but thereby hides too much.

He may make a Discipline (2D) insanity recovery check monthly. As the insanity is Severity 1, a single success will recover from it.

Korhadriel agreed but did not write a paper for the Sun Society to publish on the Southlands findings (at Graf Friedrich von Kaufman’s request – something putting it all in proper context, moving away from the incendiary claims of Professor Mandelbrot (the commitment was made at the end of Vorgeheim 2522 and paper due at the end of the year). The Sun Society has ceased meeting or corresponding.

On Nachgeheim 15th, 2522, Korhadriel was awarded a pension from the Emperor, via General Ludvig Schwarzhelm, of 2 gold karls, first year paid immediately and payable again on the 2nd Festag of each Nachgeheim (anniversary of events).

In Averheim, Korhadriel was staying in the Averburg barracks (which restricts late night coming and going) on the premise he is still an archer in the army.


Korhadriel is a high elf (Asur) student and academic, who left Ulthuan to escape what he saw as his overbearing father’s interference in his life. Too proud to return even though he has been reduced to poverty, Korhadriel ended up in Averheim after trying to sign on as a scribe with the imperial army and instead being given a bow (after all, you’re an elf) and sent off to fight at Blackfire Pass. He manages a good dinner and some at least passingly interesting academic conversation from time to time as a member of the Sun Society.

Korhadriel has an interest in the peculiar dwarf species and saved the life of a dwarf soldier he was “observing”, resulting in the odd outcome of The Dwarf lingering about to try to return the favour.

As the campaign began, Korhadriel received a letter from his cousin Eothlir Valandar but lost it somewhere in the docks area before he could read it. It was recovered by Content Not Found: herrig, and turned out to be his cousin’s request Korhadriel keep an eye on an item recovered by the Kaufman Southlands Expedition.

Korhadriel’s father, Loremaster Valandar, is an expert in many matters magical, and head of the Valandar extended family. Korhardriel does not give Valandar as his family name when asked.

Korhadriel was initiated into seeing the winds of magic by Magister Kohl, a Bright Wizard of Middenheim in Vorgeheim, 2522, while in the city with his comrades for the Middenheim Ritual.

Korhadriel has two older sisters. Corrana, the eldest, has magical aptitude and is “daddy’s girl”, in the way that Korhadriel is not “the son of my dreams”. The younger (though still older than Korhadriel) Avallyne does not have magical aptitude and so bears neither as much expectation nor receives as much attention, she is an envoy overseeing House Valandar’s trade and other interests.


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