Kastor von Leitdorf

Baron of Wuppertal


Kastor is a tall and heavily built man with dark curly hair and a thick well-groomed beard. His expression when thinking or vexed is a scowl, which serves to enhance the stories of the Leitdorf temper and madness.

Kastor dresses to impress. His attire often includes a well-polished breastplate and a longsword when travelling, and otherwise is the finest fashions including slashed sleeves and dyed hose.

He favours the red, gold and black of the von Leitdorf family colours.


Baron of Wuppertal, a Rank 4 noble. Kastor is 40 years old, being born in 2482, eldest son of Grandmaster Hans von Leitdorf and nephew of Marius von Leitdorf.

He married Marianne von Kleist (of the Nuln von Kleists) in 2002, his heir is Gunther von Leitdorf (born 2203, age 19) and he has three children who are juveniles in 2522: Bartolf (born 2009, current age 13), Anna (born 2012, current age 10) and Heinrich (born 2014, current age 8).

Kastor von Leitdorf is seen as more stable than Marius’ direct heir Rufus von Leitdorf, and is now treated as the family‚Äôs de factor head. Recently, his reputation has suffered from the work of pamphleteers and Kastor’s young cousin Ferdinand von Leitdorf seems to be gaining support.

Kastor von Leitdorf

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