Jurgen Holzmauer

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Recruited in Averheim as a veteran of the last voyage, he was largely responsible for the survivor’s of the first expedition’s main ship’s company making their way safely to the coast. Many tales were told of the Sergeant scouting out ahead of the main party, often coming back with blooded blade and a few scrapes to show for his efforts. He was instrumental in making sure that the company had a mostly quiet trip, directing them around dangers with which he couldn’t deal.

During the Second Southlands Expedition voyage south, Sgt. Holzmauer came to Edrahil Valandar‘s attention for these reports. The journey since has only raised Edrahil’s estimation of the Sergeant, especially in the quick-witted way he handled the various encounters and Dark Elven misadventure. His would be the first name Edrahil put forth as a candidate to step up as a new officer in the wake of Elke’s death.

Earlier history – Player to confirm

Born and raised in Talabecland.

Talabecland is very large and ranges from Kemperbad in south, close by Reikland to the more northerly Talabheim. The trade route from Averheim to Wurtbad continues through it to Middenland (the route Graf Friedrich von Kaufman dominates on south end and which his rival-almost-father-in-law Aschenbeck controls on the northern end).

Jurgen became a soldier and served at the Third Battle of Blackfire Pass in 2520, among the imperial forces aiding Averland’s forces.

  • There he could have met one or more of Wilhelm, the Dwarf or Korhadriel at that time – .

In the time afterwards musters out and becomes mercenary. When those planning the first Southlands Expedition asked then Captain Marcus Baerfaust for recommendations of reliable armsmen, Jurgen was among those who had drawn the Captain’s notice (along with others such as Bischoff).

Jurgen signed on with what is now called the First Southlands Expedition, which left in late 2520 and returned in 2522. During this time he met, and travelled with, Borgir Holck and his brother Gunnar, Bishchoff, the first expedition mage Feir and of course Templemann, later revealed to be the brother of Professor Schott Mandelbrot

To be developed – past connections to NPC’s in the campaign (e.g., Baerfaust, Kaufman, Mauer, Clothilde, other NPC’s with the Averland tag) and a connection (e.g., mother’s family or other) to Averland.

To be confirmed: Jurgen does not have a financial share in the expedition’s profits. However, in Averheim before leaving, Ulli Ostwald, an agent of the Court of Nuln contacted him and offered a 6 gold crown bonus for him if artist Johann Sibbick returns alive (and by implication great displeasure if he does not).

Jurgen Holzmauer

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