Frederick Grosz

The guy who knows a guy


Cheerful and easygoing, always willing to do a favour – for a favour.

Average height and looks in mid-30’s with a handlebar moustache, slightly worn-looking silver tier clothes (2nd hand perhaps?) but a fit body.


Grosz is a man of the world and the world’s docks and wharfs. Where is he from, who can say. He sounds an Averlander when drinking in the Upright Pig and a Reiklander in the Holy Hammer of Sigmar.

No man’s enemy and friend to every man who knows how to treat his friends. It’s never personal with Frederick whether it was putting someone in touch with toughs willing to kidnap elves or finding a printer for saucy pamphlets about a noblewoman.

Left Averheim in Sigmarzeit 2522, with the help of the Awkward Companions (an earlier incarnation of the Hunters of the Black Cowl) as it seemed the Brotherhood of The Black Cowl was sewing everything up and just might be in bed with mutants (and fun as that sometimes is to start it never ends well). A man with an eye to the long game is Frederick.

Turned up in Altdorf in Nachgeheim 2522 once again as “the man who knows a man”. Last seen leaving a tavern in Altdorf before the Akward Companions learned of his role in the kidnapping of Korhadriel’s cousin Eothlir Valandar and sister Avallyne Valandar.

Reported killed during the “auction” of the “fire wine” in Erntezeit.

Frederick Grosz

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