Ferdinand von Leitdorf

A possible contender


Ferdinand is a tall and elegant man with long, curly prematurely grey hair and proud demeanour.

Ferdinand is usually richly dressed in satin and silk with many expensive jewels. He is skilled with the rapier, having been tutored by Tilean fencing master like his uncle, Marius.

He favours the red, gold and black of the von Leitdorf family colours.


Ferdinand is the son of Lucas von Leitdorf, younger brother to late Count Marius von Leitdorf (thus is nephew to the late Count).

His cousins Baron Kastor von Leitdorf and Graf Rufus von Leitdorf come before Ferdinand within the von Leitdorf hierarchy and unlike his cousins Ferdinand has no significant holdings though he has sufficient revenues through various entitlements to live as befits a Leitdorf.

Atypically for a Leitdorf, Ferdinand is known to favour Verena. He often seeks the counsel of a Verenan chaplain to help manage his Leitdorf temper. Ferdinand served a distinguished term in the Pistoliers and fought at the Third Battle of Blackfire Pass in 2520.

His advice is sometimes sought by Rufus von Leitdorf and the two are friendly. Ferdinand is known not to approve of Rufus and to keep his distance from Rufus’ wife, but has often said of his cousin, “he’s a better man that even he thinks”.

Ferdinand does not have major holdings or a large body of personal retainers, and so has escaped focus as a contender. This now makes him a “clean contender”. As other Leitdorfs have been tarnished, Ferdinand looks to have a chance at the Electorship.

In 2514, when he was 25, Ferdinand married 16 year old Claudia von Toppenheimer. They have two children Hans (born 2515) and Gretel (born 2518), a mischievous pair forever exploring interesting places.

Claudia died tragically in the Bell Tower Treachery of Nachgeheim 9th, 2522, killed by the daemons loosed within Sigmar’s Great Temple in Altdorf by the machinations of mad Professor Schott Mandelbrot and his co-conspirator Luminary Konrad Mauer, the insidious Black Cowl. It was later revealed, the cowardly race to self-preservation of now deceased Father Johannes Seibolt was the most immediate cause of her death.

Freiherr Ferdinand has posted a reward of 50 gold crowns for the apprehension or death of the Black Cowl, Luminary Mauer.

Ferdinand von Leitdorf

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