Eothlir Valandar

6' tall willowy elven mariner


Eothlir is six feet tall and willowy in build. His strawberry-blond hair is straight and shoulder-length. His almond-shaped eyes are cerulean blue.

Eothlir’s ship-borne life has left him a little weather-beaten, so by elven standards he is tanned with noticeable lines around his eyes and mouth, though to most human eyes his complexion seems fair and ageless.

He habitually wears loose robes of grey and turquoise, with a long elven sabre-cutlass at his side.


Born in Lothern, Eothlir has not set foot on Ulthuan in nearly two centuries. Eothlir is a mariner and he has made many voyages far from the lands of the elves.

At around the time of the Great War against Chaos, Eothlir had a falling-out with his family back on Ulthuan, due to disagreements with family’s patriarch in Saphery. Loremaster Valandar is an expert on many subjects, such as the Old Ones, and appears to take disagreement badly. His own son Korhadriel also has recently left Ulthuan for similar reasons.

Korhadriel met Eothlir when passing through Marienburg – most of what is said here is known from that source.

Eothlir is a navigator and earns a good living, by the Old World’s standards, hiring his services to human ships, spending most of his time and coin in Marienburg when not on the seas.

One of the voyages that Eothlir Valandar hired himself on to was Graf Friedrich von Kaufman Southlands Expedition.

Eothlir became suspicious of the expedition. He shared his worries with the human mercenary Gunnar Holck, older brother of Magnus and upon return wrote his cousin Korhadriel asking him to keep watch on an effigy brought back from the Southlands, while he swallowed his pride and sought advice from Loremaster Valandar.

Eothlir Valandar

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