Emperor Karl-Franz

Greatest Emperor Since Magnus the Pious


Emperor Karl Franz Von Holswig-Schliestein

More fully, Karl Franz, Protector of the Empire, Defier of the Dark, Grand Prince and Elector Count of Reikland and Prince of Altdorf

Emperor since 2502.

Election and Reign

Karl Franz is the son of the Emperor Luitpold, and grandson of Emperor Mattheus II, however this only automatically made him Prince of Altdorf and Elector Count of the Reikland. The Imperial throne is not inherited, but decided in an election by the Electors of the Empire.

The imperial throne has been in his family since the election of Wilhelm II in 2429.

Karl Franz was considered too young and inexperienced by many and not favoured initially. He himself did not believe that he would be elected. Boris Todbringer, the count of Middenland, was the other candidate. The first voting was 8 against and only 4 in Karl Franz’s favour, the remaining 3 Electors abstaining. Maximillian von Konigswald, who was an old friend and count of Ostland, managed to persuade all but one of the other electors to cast their vote for Karl Franz. The Church of Sigmar also supported him with 3 votes. In the end Karl Franz won the election.

Cynics would say the provincial electors thought the young man would be a weak ruler, leaving them more power. They could not have been more wrong, as Karl Franz has proven to be the most effective Emperor since Magnus the Pious.

Karl Franz is immensely popular. He is a patron to Sigmar’s church as well as the arts and sciences, the last 20 years seeing a renaissance and flowering of learning. He has forged improved diplomatic relations with other human nations, rekindled the alliance with the Dwarfs of the Everlasting Realm, and sought to improve contact with Ulthuan and fuel trade within and beyond the Empire. He has proven to be an able leader in war and an even more effective wielder of diplomacy internally, working tirelessly to increase the Empire’s unity while at the same time pursuing heretics and cultists vigorously.

Karl Franz has commanded the Imperial Army in numerous battles. In battle, the Emperor wields Ghal Maraz or Dragon Tooth, the Runefang of the Reikland. He usually rides his Griffon Deathclaw and often bears the Silver Seal, a blessed item originally worn by Magnus the Pious.


Karl Franz is married and has two children; his older son Luitpold, named after Karl Franz’s own father, and a younger daughter. His sister is also married with a son Wolfgang.

The Emperor is a Rank 6 noble, the only one.

Emperor Karl-Franz

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