Witch Huntress in Disguise as Servant


A servant in the household of Graf Friedrich von Kaufman.

Graf von Kaufman does not know she is a member of the Cloak of Sigmar, a secret order of Witch Hunters

Elke is (age?).

Her employment in the von Kaufman household was arranged in Pflugzeit 2522, a month before the Southlands expedition findings began returning to Averheim and the Akwward Companions began their adventures.

In Sigmarziet 2522 she first met Magnus Holck.

She had come to Altdorf in mid-Vorgeheim (a couple of weeks before the Awkward Companions arrived). Graf von Kaufman and Curd Weiss has arrived earlier, the Graf sending for more household members when his business in Altdorf (war contracts etc.) meant he would stay longer.

In the Southlands, on Nachexen 9, 2523 Elke dies, slain by a Southlander tribal champion, also a woman who was they killed by Korhadriel and Edrahil, while aboard the Queen of South – when it was boarded at night by natives intent on slaughter.

Her body was consigned to the Hungry Water, along with that of her killer.



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