Governor Marcus Baerfaust

Grizzled former commander of Averland's forces


Governor, formerly Captain, Baerfaust is a grizzled veteran and looks it. He is forever grumbling and muttering, though on the parade ground or battle-field his voice is clear and his orders a roar heard over musket fire.

He is a tall, powerfully built man who manages to make a greatsword look not so big when it’s strapped to his side. He wears his grey hair cropped short and his long moustache brushed down, accentuating his already morose expression.

He looks a decade older than his 38 years. He is hardly ever seen out of uniform and hardly ever seen wearing any honours he has earned.


What Players know

Marcus Baerfaust is not a noble. He has been in the army “all his life” as far as talk goes.

He was present at the Third Battle of Black Fire Pass, where he fought with the Averheim Greatswords. During that battle, Marius Leitdorf was slain by the orc chieftain, Vorgaz Ironjaw, as was the commander of the Averheim Greatswords regiment. Marcus Baerfaust lead the Averheim Greatswords to hold despite these set-backs.

Ultimately, the Empire was victorious and Baerfaust was lauded by his superiors. Some of the common soldiers, however, whispered that Baerfaust could have saved Leitdorf ’s life, but chose not to. One of the Awkward Companions,Wilhelm, was part of that holding action and witnessed these actions – he denies these rumours.

Baerfaust was made Captain of the Averheim Greatswords and de facto commander of the Averheim garrison forces, in the absence of an Elector Count. His aide was Lieutenant Arta Schaffer, also of the Averheim Greatswords.

Captain Baerfaust recommended a number of veterans to work on the Southlands Expedition organized by Graf Friedrich von Kaufman.

At the Battle of Griffon’s Fall in 2522, the Captain was credited with being among those who rushed to the Emperor’s side and defended him, which raised his profile and prospects considerably.

However, Captain Baerfaust was relieved of his command in Nachgeheim 2522, after it was discovered that his aide, Arta Schaffer, was part of The Black Cowl conspiracy and had been poisoning the Emperor.

Though offered the opportunity to return to Averheim and the Greatswords, Baerfaust declined. The position of military governor of the imperial colony of Sudenberg in the Southlands being open (news having just arrived of the last governor’s death at the hands of local savages), Captain Baerfaust requested the assignment (normally considered a punishment duty).

He as assigned as Governor and left Altdorf for Sudenberg on the 25th of Nachgeheim, 2522 (he could be expected to arrive and take command early in Brauzeit, spending over a month in transit).

Governor Marcus Baerfaust

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