After the Storm

Calendar of Activity

The history of past and what is known of future scheduled events in comrades’ lives.

Often moved ahead, to keep upcoming events in focus.

Imperial Calendar

Month English
Sigmarzeit Sigmar-Tide
Sigmarzeit 18th First day the Awkward Companions started looking into events on the docks of Averheim
Sommerzeit Summer-Tide
Vorgeheim Fore-Mystery
Bezhaltag 31st arrival, lecture – rooms taken and 8 days’ stay paid at Seven Stars Magnus single 20 shillings, The Dwarf and Elf share 12 shillings@, Wilhelm at Freudenhaus for 40 shillings
Konigstag 32nd evening service, Wilhelm receives writ
Angestag 33rd, Saga Dwarf celebrated
Geheimnistag Day of Mystery, Dusk till Dawn Party at Freudenhause
Nachgeheim After-Mystery
Festag 1st Noon Service at Sigmarite temples for Emperor’s Health, Luminary Mauer wishes to see all comrades in afternoon
Wellentag 2nd Evening Ball at Elector Count of Stirland’s palace, Korhadriel and Dwarf invited, Korhadriel to pick up clothes from tailor in morning, Clothilde von Alptraum and Graf von Kaufman attending (separately)
Marktag 4th Opening of Cobweb Castle, Clothilde to attend with Wilhelm as her escort (at 7:00 pm).
Konigstag 7th evening service, Clothilde invited Wilhelm to accompany her to pray for the Emperor’s health
Festag 9th Noon Service at Sigmarite temples for Emperor’s Health, Leitdorf and supporting families to be named in recognition of contributions to Cathedral restoration. The Day the Bell! Death of Professor Mandelbrot, severe wounding of Graf Friedrich von Kaufman, death of Claudia von Leitdorf among others.
Aubentag 11th Unveiling of the Statue of Leos von Leibwitz / Kabooomb – deaths of Magnus and The Dwarf, also Witch Hunter Captain Wilhelm Leopold and Graf Siegfried von Saponatheim.
Bezahltag 14th Funerals. Luminary Mauer has disappeared
Wellentag 18th Companions depart for Nuln and then Altdorf via Emperor Wilhlem and another vessel
Bezahltag 22nd Wilhelm is killed by Talima aboard the Emperor Wilhelm, Korhadriel then kills Talima
Konigstag 23rd Korhadriel recovers from shakes
Konigstag 31st Companions arrive in Averheim, with 1 day to spare before Wine Festival
Erntezeit Harvest-Tide
1st to 8th Pie Week among halflings, Averland Wine Tasting Festival
1st Wine Festival kicks off Current Day
Marktag 4th An auction, later learned that Frederick Grosz died this night when auction turns to melee with a vampire and Ulrican fanatics.
Backertag 5th Assassins try to kill Elke and Gunnar in the townhouse, they are assisted by Albrecht Swearmonger.
Wellentag 18th Elke and Gunnar both check to progress recovery from insanity
Wellentag 26th Comrades attend Graf Friedrich von Kaufman’s home at his invitation and are asked by Clothilde von Alptraum and Frau Beatrice Hurdleberger to assist avoiding social disaster in connection with their next door neighbous What To Do About a Girl Like Isadora. Graf von Kaufman leaves the city for Wurtbad to handle some business.
Aubentag 27th Comrades report “sorcery!” to Clothilde and Frau Hurdleburger.
Backtertag 29th Clothilde leaves Averheim for her manor
Bezahltag 30th Mathias von Alptraum resigns his commission, strange doings in the Garden of Morr involving Gunnar von Leitdorf and Ernst Fein, Tomas Hurdleburger apparently leaves city for overnight business.
Konigstag 31st Dark of the Moon, strange doings at the Sun of Solland Theatre as the unexpected wedding of Gunnar von Leitdorf and Isadora von Steiner takes an unexpected turn, a daemon revealed in the Plenzerplatz and a servant girl revealed to be a witch hunter.
Mittherbst Autumn Equinox, Rhya, Taal, Ulric, in Averheim, night of the Elector’s Ball in the Averburg.
Brauzeit Brew-Month
Bezahltag 13th The comrades confront and defeat 3 witches, a bear and bearded man after facing other menaces in the Hexewald – 1 witch (and bear) surviving
Aubentag 18th Elke and Gunnar both check to progress recovery from insanity
Wellentag 33rd Second Breach, Dwarf celebrated (minor day)
Kaldezeit Chill Month
Angestag 20th Avallyne Valandar has written her brother to expect her in Averheim by the First New moon (26th) and arrives this day with Eothlir Valandar. Gifts from Acari Valandar, explosive sibling argument though Eothlir recruited to voyage nonetheless
Marktag 26th First New Moon of the elven Season of Frost
Angestag 28th Expedition Officers depart Averheim for Matorea on the Black Gulf Coast, bulk of expedition including two elves, professor, artist to follow – leaving Averland to its witch-hunting craze and heightened noble tensions.
Ulriczeit Ulric-Tide
Monstille Winter Solstice, Rhya, Taal, Ulric
Vorhexen Fore-Witching
Hexenstag Witching Day



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