Zhufbar lies in the World Edge Mountains, near Stirland and Sylvania.

Its name means “Torrent Gate”, as it is located in a deep canyon with a massive waterfall which the dwarves use to power numerous waterwheels.

Zhufbar is ruled by King Morgrim Ironforge and Queen Lenka.

It is where the great Dwarf Engineers Guild is based. Much of the machinery and engineering used in other dwarf holds was first tested in Zhufbar, where the engineers are more adventurous than otherwise.

Like all dwarfholds, its population is far less than it was in the golden age. The World’s Edge Mountains around it are infested with greenskins and skaven skulk in the mountain depths, leaving many of the inhabitants of Zhufbar in a siege mentality.

Zhufbar trades extensively with the Empire, shipping manufactured goods in exchange for foodstuffs, hide and raw materials. The trade route is circuitous to avoid the dangerous nearby lands of Sylvania – passing down through south-eastern Stirland, then through The Moot and back into Stirland and the Old Dwarf Road. In the south-eastern Stirland stretch some goods leak into the hands of smugglers.


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