The Grand County of Wissenland is the Empire’s southern-most province, lying against the Black and Grey Moutains, with the River Reik defining its northern border with Averland.

The capital of Wissenland is Wissenberg, though the town is overshadowed by the great city-state of Nuln, capital of the Empire until 2421 and seat of the Elector Countess. It is also rivalled by Pfeildorf, former capital of Solland.

The province is ruled by Elector Countess Emmanuelle von Leibwitz, Grand Countess of Wissenland, Countess of Nuln, and Duchess of Meissen. The Elector Countess ignores the “backward hinterland” to focus her attention on Nuln’s many attractions. Baroness Etelka von Toppenheimer of Pfeildorf has more sway in much of the province.

Its colours are grey and white and the state banner shows a white lion rampant, carrying a banner with sun of Solland on it. This is but one of many nods to the heritage of fallen Solland to be found in Wissenland culture. The older design showed Sigmar’s comet instead and some still prefer that banner.

Wissenlanders descend from the ancient Merogen tribe, though those few who descend from survivors of Solland’s fall descend from the Menogoths. Like the Unberogens and Brigundians, they had good relations with dwarfs long before the Empire was founded. Their speech is short and avoids flowery embellishments, it is often delivered in a monotone. Poets affect a Wissenlander accent for grim tales or the portrayal of a stoic veteran who has seen too much death.

The province favours Sigmar, Taal and Ryha, except Nuln which favours Verena.

Wissenlanders tend to be pious and believe the gods have appeared in person in their times of need. They believe Sigmar personally saved a besieged town in the 14th century and that Taal (or some say Sigmar) saved Pfeildorf from the 17th century invasion of Gorbad Ironclaw.


Devout: after resolving an action in which a fortune point was spent, roll an expertise die and on a comet regain a fortune point.

Grim in Face of Adversity: when performing an action, ignore the first bane not cancelled by a boon.

Wissenlanders are otherwise normal humans in terms of Creation Points (25), Wound Threshold (9 + To) and Corruption Threshold (lowest among major races).


Its territory has a tangled history as it absorbed the former province of Solland after the devastating invasion of Gorbad Ironclaw in the 18th Century. It is still common to refer to the lands east of the Söll River as “old Solland” or the derivation “Sudenland”.

Though 800 years have passed since the greenskins devastated the region, virtually depopulating Solland, Wissenland has struggled to recover its population. Its western lands near the mountains are stony and difficult to farm and constant depredations from greenskin tribes and other threats have kept it more sparsely populated, and its people of a gloomy disposition.

The province derives considerable wealth from mining and trade. Some trade moves through treacherous mountain passes to Bretonnia and Tilea, otherwise – and during winter when the passes close – It benefits from the River of Echoes. This underground river connects the town of Kreutzhofen in Wissenland with Tilea. The river travels 150 miles underneath The Vaults, the dangerous region where the Grey Mountains converge with the Black Mountains. The River of Echoes originates in the mountains and flows outwards at both points it exits.

Connections with Tilea are ancient. In fact, the city of Nuln was founded by Tileans who settled there as part of establishing trade with the region that was becoming the Empire. They had come north after discovering the River of Echoes. The River is controlled by Tilea to this day.


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