This page is for Players (mostly) and GM (less so) to set out recurring/continuing issues.

This can be Player signalling “I’m going to follow up on that” or “I want to see that resolved” or GM signalling, “you can expect that to be followed up on.”

GM Threads:

The Professors’ mission to find missing ‘search party’ for the Tutis Bibliotheca.

It’s in the Cards

Erasmus’ Card Reading.

Muttering and passing her hands over the cards, Mother Suraya seems to tremble a little, “A great weight falls on small shoulders, be sure your companions are true.”

“The focus is the Innocent (central card) – there is a threat to one undeserving and unaware of their danger – someone important to you – no not just one, many – all faces you have seen in the past eight days and all places you have been, all this land is in peril.

The threat is the Merchant (top card) – of the suit of coins – speaking to those governed by material desires for worldly wealth, influence or sensation and reversed speaks of deceitful transactions and dealings which threaten disaster to the unsuspecting innocent. A vast fraud places all in great peril.

The Ghost (right-hand card) is your greatest help in opposing this danger – it is a secret, a memory hidden long ago and now only a shadow of the truth that was – this truth is the key to shifting circumstances. It is about one in the past, long ago, the Missionary (bottom card) is a man who tried to spread wisdom but failed. The suit of glyphs is one of spirituality, this was a man of faith. Find what truth remains.

Your greatest risk of failure is the Abjurer reversed (left-hand card) – the abjurer stands for reason and logic but reversed it means an overlooked clue. You have already failed to see clues about the threats you face – if you continue to fail to see the clues, you will be destroyed.”

Player Threads:

(for players to state, not stating you wish something to figure in play doesn’t mean it won’t, it just means I feel no obligation to use it and will be moved by what strikes my fancy)


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