The Ravens

The Ravens is one of the three major fraternities at Streissen University.

Like the other two, the Sons of the River and the Hill Keepers, its membership crosses college lines. Only students are active members, though former students often retain an affiliation.

As with other fraternities, its official interest is to practice fighting skills the university does not teach. Many of its noble or upwardly mobile students wish to learn sword-fighting. Most of their duels, however, involve steins not blades. Duelling with other weapons is uncommon but comes up at times.

They treat the propitiation of Father Raven as a minor mystery. At their official meetings, members wear black, long-beaked “raven masks” and cloaks.

On Monstille (winter solstice) the fraternity inducts new members, in a ceremony at the Massenfriedhof. Current fraternity members great new members while holding candles in ceremonial holders, standing so as to form a triangle.

The Massenfriedhof is a mass grave a quarter mile east of Stressen. This is where the remains of the victims of the two WAAAGH!s were interred by priests of Mórr. The dead interred here had been be dead for many months in each recovery from a greenskin massacre and their souls’ fates beyond the help of Morrites except where ghosts could be laid to rest, thus the graves are not an official “garden of Mórr”.

The Ravens

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