The Amber Order

The Order’s View

The Amber College remembers magical traditions from long before Teclis came, traditions that used the strength of a connection to life and nature to protect against the corruption of Chaos.

Shamans accompanied the leaders of the tribes when they first came to this land. It recognizes the truth that every living thing, every plant, every animal and insect has its own spirit and is part of the greater whole of life.

The competition of life, its cycles, the world of survival for the fittest; where every creature has its place as predator or prey, is the real world. Whether it is good, just or beautiful is moot, it is. But in accepting this truth, one can see that the deer’s speed and hearing are its beauty and when a predator faster or quieter ends its life there is also beauty.

Only the strongest may wield Amber magic, for the call of the beast will destroy the reason of the weak minded. The dedicated training of one apprentice to a Shaman ensures the strength of their members.

Contrarian View

Shamans are barbarous uncultivated men and women throwbacks ignoring 3000 years of progress.

When seen, Amber wizards are usually not assumed to be wizards. At best, they are taken for a particularly backward trapper and at worst a witch or were-folk if their powers are revealed (though somewhere in among their fetishes there may be the imperial licence of a legal practioner of magic).

Members of other Colleges look down on them, save the Druids of the Green College. The other six colleges see both the Amber and Green Colleges as carrying forward too much of the pre-Teclis era of magic and thus at greater risk. Their aversion to buildings and books means they pass their lore on individual to individual, meaning there are fewer Amber mages trained.

They may not fall to corruption as often as other mages, but they fall to madness more often, forgetting their human selves and running wild as animals.


They usually appear unkempt.

They dress in the furs and hides of animals, often that they have hunted and slain themselves. They often wear primitive jewellery and shamanic fetishes made from the fangs, claws, and feathers of various animals, interspersed with lumps of raw amber. They carry
charms of herbs in small leather pouches, they make elaborate headdresses out of the skulls and horns of dangerous animals, like bears, wolves, and mighty stags.

Their staffs are bedecked with feathers, lumps of amber, and animal bones.


Amber Magisters use animal totems and fetishes as symbols, particularly the Bear’s Claw and the Raven’s Feather.

Other Matters

The Amber Order is the most frequent user of hermitage licences. A Magister who wishes to train an apprentice outside the Colleges must hold a special licence to so do, and since all Amber Order apprentices are trained this way they are all trained by those with hermitage licences (or at least are supposed to be so trained).

The Amber Order is, along with the Green Order, one of the two which women most often are drawn to join and has a more equal distribution of genders than most others.

Amber Magisters do not avoid the company of the opposite sex but they also seldom marry. If they have children they usually foster them

They have ties to the cult of Taal and Ryha, favouring Taal.

Rules Notes

An Amber Wizard may replace Education with Nature Lore and/or Intuition with Animal Handling on their career sheet. They are often more familiar with nature and animals than with reading books or reading people.

An Amber Wizard does not have to be in beastform to cast a spell with this trait unless the spell so states.

A beastform’s natural weapons may qualify as “melee weapons” for the purpose of an action card, this is judged according to the action’s believability for the form’s natural weapons.

An Amber Wizard cannot sleep while in a beastfrom in order to use beast’s skills during recovery checks, both because the beastform cards all end their effect at the end of the act and because they end when not conscious.

An Amber Wizard’s transformation into beastform will also transform all naturally-sourced clothes and gear such as hide, cloth, leather, wood and so on, including flint and shaped stone. It will not transform forged metals whether they be swords or coins.

An Amber Wizard’s staff is hardwood decorated with amber and an animal skull, often one of a form the wizard takes as a beastform.

Amber Wizards seen with Magical Sight often look like animals themselves, if their Rank is determined (a 3D check).

Channelling Ghur, the Amber Wind

Engaged with a pack or herd of wild animals add a fortune die to Channelling checks.

In towns (1000-9999) add a misfortune die to Channelling checks or in cities (10,000 plus), deep underground or in similar areas of little wild animal life, add a failure to outcome pool of Channelling check (not cumulative).

The Amber Order

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