Sudenberg is on the New Coast of the Southlands, south of the Dragon’s Teeth volcanic chain, in Losterikson’s Bay.

It is one of the four colonies established in the region over the past century by Old Worlders and Dwarves.


Sudenberg was first established on a different location, on the Bay of Medes. This was in 2395 by Emperor Leopold von Krieglitz (elected Emperor 2369, from Stirland, after Magnus the Pious). Locals sometimes called it Leopoldheim “in memory of the founder”.

It was founded with the assistance of Marienburg merchants (at that time still part of the Empire) to exploit the Southlands’ riches. The colony failed miserably at first having really been an ill-conceived and badly located swindle.

However, the Emperor hit upon the happy idea of turning it into a penal colony in order to answer Shallyan petitions for clemency instead of death in the case of various political prisoners and agitators.

Disaster struck in 2432. The first convict ship of the year arrived to find the settlement completely deserted. Everything of value was gone but there was no sign of a struggle. Had the 600 inhabitants fled some menace, were they taken by Arabyan slavers, had someone made a very badly-chosen wish from an Arabyan Djinn or did some foul plot of Chaos account for it? No answer was ever found and no one was willing to resettle the possibly cursed-location.

In 2439, under Emperor Wilhelm the Wise, the first Holswig-Schliestein Emperor, the colony was re-established further south and without Marienburg’s involvement (this being after its independence).

This region had more potential for profits and efforts were being made by various nations to establish colonies from 2430 onwards, with entrepreneurs from among the dwarves of Barak Varr, merchants of Marienburg and Estalia creating settlements.

In 2506, Magritta Company of Merchant Venturers, an Estalian trading concern, approached then Governor Brennerman for permission to operate in Sudenberg and gained it (the governor’s lifestyle improving considerably).

The first Southlands expedition arrived here in early 2522 and left on New Years Day, 2522.

In Sigmarzeit, Governor Johann Laubrecht (appointed in 2514, actually on site from 2515 on) was killed by savages, reportedly being lead by a pale-skinned northerner (word reaching the Empire two months later and the disgraced Averland Greatsword Captain Marcus Baerfaust volunteers to take his place.

Present Conditions

Prisoners are sent with a brand of L and the year of their sentencing (on their left fore-arm). It is death to be found back in the Empire within 10 years of that date. Service in the garrison is punishment duty for soldiers sent here and likewise being “Governor of the Colony” is usually the result of spectacular failure or truly crossing the great and powerful. Being in the magically poor Southlands, it is a good place to send wizards who “need time to think about being more careful”.

The Company often hires the use of convicts from the Governor. This is quite profitable, though it has reduced the survival rate of convicts reaching their 10 year mark.

Gunnar Holck is familiar with Sudenberg having been there as part of the Southlands Expedition, which used the port as its jumping-off point for exploring the interior. He experienced a polyglot, corrupt, crime-ridden community in which safety comes from paying protection money to the Company or living “under the Keep” (in the Imperial quarter) – though it was still safer than what awaited in the jungle.


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