Stirland is the Empire’s poorest province. Its people descend from the Asoborn tribe.

It is bounded by the World’s Edge Mountains on the east and on the north, west, and south by the rivers Stir, Aver, and Reik. It does a brisk trade with the Dwarfs of Zhufbar, though this wealth concentrates in a few hands and does not benefit the province as a whole.

Its provincial colours are green and yellow and the state banner shows a skeleton with a hunting horn calling all to battle. Their battle-cry is “Victory or Death”.

Stirlander troops tend to be armed with cheap weapons, such as spears and bows, though they are skilled with them.

Stirland’s capital is Wurtbad, which lies on the Old Dwarf Road. It is an exception to much of the province, its white-washed walls and hot springs making it a primary destination of the nobility. Stirland’s nobles prefer to live in Wurtbad and collect rents, some go years without dirtying their boots with the mud of their holdings.

Stirland is ruled by Elector Count Alberich Haupt-Anderssen, Grand Count of Stirland, Prince of Wurtbad, Overlord of Sylvania.

Stirlanders are a short and thickset, dark haired.

Their favoured gods are Morr, Sigmar, Shallya and Taal.

Roleplaying Tips

Stirlanders are rustic and old-fashioned. They speak slowly in a drawl, with a pronounced accent filled with their “hick phrases”.

Stirlanders are slow to make friends or trust people. They are calm and thoughtful. They take their time about everything, even jokes and tales.

Stirlanders are also isolationist, suspicious, and hidebound. Stirlanders, however, see themselves as simply keeping well-learned traditions. Everyone knows better than to invite a stranger over their threshold or accept a drink from someone you don’t know!

Racing is their favourite sport, but to the amusement of outsiders, using geese, cows, pigs, and ratting dogs. On a festival or market day, the winning beast is often awarded “ribbons and reprieve,” meaning it will never be destined for the table.


Poor: it costs Stirlanders more points to be Comfortable (3) or Affluent (4).

I Already Saw Dead People: all Fear ratings of undead are treated as being minus 1 (to a minimum of 1) and Terror checks are treated as Fear checks (level unchanged).

Hatred of Undead: Stirlanders gain the Invigorated condition whenever they are aware of being within long range of an undead creature.

Otherwise they are normal humans for Character Creation Points (25), Wound Threshold (9 + To) and Corruption Threshold (lowest among the major races).


In the mid-first millennium of the Empire’s history, Stirland expanded east to conquer the land of Sylvania, inhabited by the Fennones, an insular tribe of humans who had never joined Sigmar’s Empire.

Sylvania regained its independence from Stirland in the chaotic aftermath of the Night of the Restless Dead in 1681.

The wars of the Vampire Counts of Sylvania have ravaged Stirland more than once, starting in 2010.


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