Every child in the Empire, and every dwarf, knows the tale of Sigmar’s encounter with King Kurgan Ironbeard of Karaz-a-Karak.

While travelling to Karak Azgaraz, a newer dwarf settlement in the Grey Mountains, the King’s retinue was attacked by greenskins, most slaughtered but the King and a handful taken captive to suffer for their captor’s pleasure and perhaps to be used as bait.

Sigmar of the Unberogen tribe was out with a hunting party and saw the fires of the greenskin camp. Stealthily approaching, Sigmar and his companions saw the dwarfs being tormented. There was no alliance between dwarfs and men then, only trade. There were many greenskins, not just snotlings and goblins but fierce orcs in the camp. But Sigmar was impressed by the courage the dwarfs showed in the face of their torments and imminent deaths. He could not turn and leave them to their fate nor watch them suffer, thus there was only one thing he could do.

He lead his hunting band in an assault and despite being severely outnumbered they freed the captives and together killed the orc warleader and scattered the rest.

In gratitude, the dwarf king gave Sigmar a runic weapon of great power, Ghal Maraz, skull splitter, “the warhammer” of Warhammer and the symbol of Sigmar when he became a god.

That would be long in the future, for on the night he lead this attack and freed a dwarf king, he was a youth of 15 (Sigmar is held to have been born in -30 I.C.)

This is the iconic tale of Sigmar’s first great deed, it is a short story in “Tales of Old World” book and is often retold in the sermons and iconography of Sigmar’s Church. The tale is told similarly in dwarf accounts and marks the beginning of the strong connection between Sigmar’s faith, the Empire and the dwarf peoples.

On his fiftieth year as emperor, still hale and hearty though now over 80 years old, Sigmar laid down his crown and left Reikdorf. There are several versions of this tale but the most common is that he took Ghal Maraz east to return to the dwarf high king. Tales say he was last seen heading towards the Worlds Edge Mountains either alone or with a grey wolf to his left and a black-tusked boar to his right.

Holy Day

Sigmarfest is the 18th of Sigmarzeit. It commemorates the day that Johann Helstrum first had visions that Sigmar had ascended to divinity and began to preach of Sigmar as a deity. Some believe the ascension happened on the same day.


Sigmar is pleased by the defeat of foes who threaten his people, the honouring of the god with a well-deserved death to come being announced when the foe is engaged.

Up to three fortune dice may be granted to a Piety check with a well-received sacrifice.


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