Schramleben is a chartered free town in Stirland, having purchased this right with its income from its position on the trade route to Zhufbar.

It’s a town of over 650 souls in lands generally ruled by Baron Andreas von Webern, whose castle overlooks the town.

Aside from trade it’s known for its ale. The area is rich in cattle herds and it produces dairy products as well.

The town lies on the north bank of the Blue Reach, across from Averland’s Blue Reach Badlands region. Downriver lies the Averland town of Pfunzig and The Moot town of Dreiflussen.

Schramleben is on a pilgrimage route, leading east up the Blue Reach to Sigmaringen (another Stirland town). This is the first Skaranorak Temple and Sigmarites believe Siggurdheim, the lost capital of the ancient Brigundians (who founded Averland), once stood there. This temple marks the beginning of harder pilgrimage route into the mountains to the fabled site of Sigmar’s epic battle with an ancient dragon ogre.

Note, Stirland officially denies that Siggurdheim lies at Sigmaringen (to avoid any claim the region should belong to Averland).


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