To Dwarf or Elf, Ranald seems a strange deity for Sigmar’s Empire to hold among its pantheon.

To the starving peasant and the wealthy merchant, Ranald is the god whose favour they most count on. Crossing fingers for luck is invoking Ranald, whose symbol is an X. There are few who do not invoke his favour when gambling and on other occasions when luck is what they most need, even if they prefer not to speak his name.

Ranald is the god of Fate and Fortune, or more particularly he is the god of those who hope Fortune will help them avoid Fate.

The thieves he is Night Prowler who looks kindly on them as they collect Ranald’s Tax upon those who prosper at the expense of the common folk. To liars and fraud artists he is the Deceiver who teaches that in the end the greatest lies are the ones we want to believe, however to many he is the Protector prayed to when the law must be broken.

When paying all the tithe-taker demands would leave your child to starve, when giving over the tariff applied by some greedy noble’s whim would leave your trade at a loss, when telling the Witch Hunter the truth would see some poor woman burn for knowing too much about healing herbs – when the right thing to do is what the law calls wrong, that is when you pray to Ranald the Protector.

Many believe him a patron of thieves but most thieves are all too willing to use violence if need be when Ranald’s strictures are to avoid violence except in self-defence.

The ruling class would like to see Ranald’s cult die out but it is a disorganized faith with no central leadership and no great temples. Persecuting it is difficult, the people protect it, and even among nobility there are those who at times seek Fortune’s help and do not wish to do all that law and custom would command.

Those who seek to fully honour Ranald and follow his strictures, thereby also gaining his greatest favour, show their choice by marking an X on clothes, equipment, or skin, or simply sewing x-stitches into clothes.

Ranald is said to sometimes walk the world as a black cat, and some consider these creatures extremely lucky – but to have one cross directly in front your path means Ranald does not favour you and ill-fortune may soon attend you.

Ranald is said by some to have been a mortal once, and to have gained divinity by a trick. This is denied by Sigmarites, who generally hold only Sigmar was once mortal and by Shallyans, whose goddess is said to have been the one tricked. Despite the latter, Shallyans often have a soft spot for Ranald’s followers as they are the least violent of the other official cults and the most concerned for the welfare of common folk.

Holy Day

His holy day is the Day of Folly, the 10th of Sommerzeit. On this day social conventions are ignored and many celebrate wearing masks and pulling tricks.


A priest of Ranald may replace Education and First Aid on the skill list of their Priest career cards with Stealth and Skulduggery.


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