Rabenkirchen Forest

Rabenkirchen Forest (Raven Church) is one of the largest forests in Averland.

It extends on both sides of the Aver River. In Averland it forms roughly a triangle, starting roughly 25 miles upriver from Averheim, and continues for 28 miles of river up into the Schattigbϋhl (the hills between Averland and the Moot).

It runs south through the hills roughly 25 miles to the town of Bieswang. It then runs roughly 38 miles north-west to the river.

The forest is divided into three regions:

The Hexewald (Witch Wood). The area along the river closest to Averheim. A reputedly haunted area of deep, thick woods. The village of Tannfeld is close to it, but the villagers treat it with a mix of fear and respect.

The Schattigbϋhl (Shaded Hills). The forested hills lying further upriver, beyond which lies the Moot. Goblins are sometimes seen here but both the Moot and Averland State troops hunt them down.

The Neuwald (New Forest) is a lighter forested area. There were once several villages here but they were destroyed in the WAAAGH! of Grom the Paunch in 2422 and the forest has reclaimed much of the land.

It has many smaller rivers and streams running through it (feeding the Aver River), at least two small lakes and some water falls in the hills. The forest is home to large numbers of deer, boar, pheasants, wolves and other wild animals. The Neuwald is often logged locally.

Those in the surrounding territory tell many tales of standing stones, barrows, caves in the hills, magical pools, cursed streams and such. A necromancer did build a hill-top retreat in the Shaded Hills once but it was destroyed by Raven Knights over a century ago.

If one finds a herbalist within 30 miles using Earth Root, Faxtoryll, Gesundheit or Valerian, there is a good chance it was collected from these woods as they are a rich source of medicinal herbs.

There may be the odd beastman lurking in these woods but no great packs of them have been reported since the Great War Against Chaos 200 years ago.

The Nuewald is technically part of the Barony of Bieswang.

Rabenkirchen Forest

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