Order of the Anvil

The Order of the Anvil is an exclusively male order of Sigmar’s Church devoted to the study and interpretation of Sigmar’s word, which also forms the basis of Imperial law. They also store historical records and such dangerous lore as is not destroyed when found.

To the Order all these tasks are part of a sacred duty to guard and protect the Word of Sigmar.

Though based in monasteries, the Order’s members are often found outside them. They appear in universities teaching Imperial Law or ancient History. They are often found as legal advisors to nobility and other powerful figures including the Grand Theogonist and the Emperor himself.

The Order was founded near the end of the first millennium, when the Empire reached the pinnacle of its size and power, its borders extending even further than at present.

Each monastery is lead by an abbot appointed by the Keeper of the Word, usually being elevated from among the monks in a monastery and taking into account the monastery’s preferences.

The Keeper of the Word leads the order from the Helstrum Monastery in Altdorf. His authority as arbitrator of the Word of Sigmar is surpassed only by the Grand Theogonist.

Order of the Anvil

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