Goddess of War, patron of soldiers and strategy.

The daugher of Verena and Morr, sister of Shallya is usually portrayed as a tall, well-proportioned woman in classical armour of ancient times, with spear and shield.

Myrmidia is popular throughout the southern nations of Estalia and Tilea. The faith’s chief temple is in the Estalian city of Magritta, though in the north the highest ranked cleric, the Eagle of the North, is in the city of Nuln.

In the north, she is largely followed by soldiers, mercenaries, officers and other military professionals. In the south, she is also a patron of honour (of the sort that calls for the revenge of wrongs and payment of debts) and art. The only northern province in which she has a wider following is Averland.

Myrmidia was at first a pacifist like her sister Shallya. She was patron of the first great city of Tylos but abandoned its people when they turned to evil. Centuries later, she returned to mortals as a living woman, named Maracaria Medina, and experienced first-hand the injustice of wickedness, leading her to take up arms to oppose it. As a warrior-queen, she unified all of what is now Estalia and Tilea, overthrowing the many petty warlords who tyrannized the lands and establishing a system of laws inspired by her mother.

Not long after her final victory, she was poisoned. Before she died, she boarded a great ship taking her west, where she returned to join her parents and sister as a goddess. The exact period of Myrmidia’s life is uncertain but appears to have been roughly -15 Imperial to 50 Imperial.

Her cult is friendly to those of her parents and sister. The cults of Myrmidia and Ulric are rivals for each thinks the other’s approach is wrong, though they seldom come to blows. Ranald’s cult is the most despised to Myrmidians. Sigmarites are uncomfortable with the story of Myrmidia’s ascension as they believe it is a unique virtue of Sigmar to have personally lived the human condition – it does not help that Myrmidia lived and would have ascended at a similar point in history.

Symbols and Clothing

A spear behind a shield or an Eagle.

Clergy where blue cowls over white robes.

Cult Organization

The main body of clergy is the Order of the Eagle, who wear the typical dress.

The Order of the Spear defends temples and wears armour.

The knightly Order of the Blazing Sun is well known in the Empire, as knights of the Blazing Sun came north to fight alongside Magnus the Pious in the Great War Against Chaos. Knights of the Blazing Sun are expected to spend at least a year questing to fight injustice and often travel far in that time. The knights favour armour in black and gold colours.

The Order of the Blazing Sun was founded by northerners. In 1457, during the Crusades, a small band of Imperial knights swore to the service of Myrmidia after they were saved from certain death by a miracle (a giant statue of the Goddess fell onto hundreds of Arabyans, saving the knights from certain destruction).

Today, the order, rich from its foreign dealings, now has most of its influence in Middenland, where the grand master orders his templars from the Carroburg chapterhouse. The order is only answerable to La Aguila Ultima in Estalia, to whom the original Empire Knights swore fealty, which is a source of great annoyance to the Eagle of the North, who covets their seemingly endless coffers of gold.

Holy Days

Myrmidia has no set holy days. In the south, her temples hold services every five days, under the Verenan Calendar.

Strictures and Customs

  • Act with honour and dignity at all times.
  • Respect prisoners of war.
  • Show no mercy to the enemies of Humanity.
  • Honour your master’s commands.
  • Disobey an order only if it is absolutely necessary (for example, if an order forced you to break another stricture).

Multiple Gods of War?

The three martial deities have very different approaches to battle. In broad terms, Myrmidia values skill and cunning, Sigmar values obedience and strength, and Ulric values courage and wild savagery.

Rules Notes

Priests of Myrmidia may replace Charm with Leadership in their Priest career skill lists.


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