Manann is the son of Taal and Ryha.

He is the god of the waters, the seas, and the tides. He is worshipped by sailors and fisherman and those who depend on the sea, hoping for a loved one’s return.

Manann is a fickle and touchy deity, who can turn on even the faithful with little to no warning. No-one loves Manann—they fear his wrath, and his worship is given to placate his volatile nature. However, his followers admire Manann’s strength, ferocity, and independence.

Manann is usually portrayed as a huge bare-chested merman, wearing a spiked crown of black iron and flowing seaweed.

The largest temple of Manann is in Marienburg.

Symbols and Dress

Manann is represented by a wave. His five pointed crown and trident are also used as symbols for him.

Robes of green-blue or blue-gray are favoured by his clergy.

Holy Day

Mitterfruhl or the Spring Equinox comes at the end of Jahrdrung.

This is a happy time as Manann is honoured as the tides shift and winter ends (Ulric’s rule passing and Taal’s strength waxing). Inland the focus is more on Taal whereas in coastal areas or along the great Reik Manann is more honoured. A young livestock animal is sacrificed to either Manann or Taal to bring good fortune and bounty for the following year. This animal is either thrown into the sea, drowned in a large river, or buried in the woods, depending on the deity propitiated


Each follower of Manann typically has a particular set of strictures they hold firm on out of many potential ones – all the superstitions commonly held by sailors.


A priest of Manann may replace Charm and Intuition in their Priest career skill lists with Folklore and Nature Lore.


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