Mórrslieb, the Beloved of Morr, called by some the Chaos Moon is an erratic celestial object which is only predictably seen on the nights of Hexensnacht and Geheimnisnacht.

A common legend tells that daemons once preyed upon the world until the gods defeated them. But daemons do not die as mortals so Morr took the dangerous remains of the daemons and cast them into the sky to keep the world safe.

It is a small moon of sickly green colour when illuminated but dark and brooding when not (it is illuminated or not just as Mannslieb is). It sometimes seeming distant and sometimes looming disturbingly close. When it appears the winds of magic blow wildly and the dark powers whisper.

Some believe Mórrslieb is summoned by strife and dark deeds, coming to look upon them with a mocking grin upon its face. Folktales tell that babes born under Mórrslieb’s smile are often hideously mutated, or become feared for their weird powers.

The most dire omen is an eclipse of Mannslieb by Mórrsleib. The last time this happened, over two centuries ago, it was an omen that heralded the Great War Against Chaos.

Unlike Mannslieb, which appears the same throughout the world, Mórrslieb may appear in the sky in one region and not in another.

Dwarves name it Mhornalhune (the Shadow Moon).


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