Living Costs

Life is not free in the Old World, even if many lives are held cheaply.

A reminder that one gold crown, or ‘karl’ in common parlance (referring to the Emperor’s head on the coin) is worth 100 silver shillings and since one shilling is worth 25 brass pennies a gold crown is worth 2500 pennies.

Food and drink costs are 5 pennies (b) a day (no penalties). Survival at 3 pennies a day means a weakened state such as many wretched peasants and beggars (misfortune die penalty all checks).

For a typical month of 33 days that is 165 pennies (6 shillings 15 pennies) or 99 pennies (4 shillings) for weakened state.

A noble (x2 costs of most things) spends 10 pennies a day (66 shillings a month – put in context of a Rank 1 noble’s basic stipend of 1 gold crown this leaves 34 shillings spending money)

Whenever not staying with family, friends or patrons who give free lodgings, additional lodgings costs are required.

Brass tier lodgings might be a pile of straw in the stables for two or three brass pennies (poor) or a flea-infested straw mat in a shared common room for 6 brass pennies (standard). Brass tier lodgings do not offer private rooms to let. Privacy is an affectation of the silver and gold tiers who like to imagine their servants don’t hear everything.

• Anyone recovering from Wounds who rests in such conditions and generates a Chaos Star on their overnight Recovery check draws a Disease from the Disease deck and if it has the Filth condition they must make a Disease Check (2D) to avoid contracting the disease.
• Brass tier characters may add two fortune dice to efforts gathering information through gossip and rumour at such lodgings.
• The Brass tier penalty applies to sleeping rough as well, penalties worsen in bad weather and during winter – unless a particularly good roll is made using appropriate skills to find good campsites etc.

Silver tier inns are reasonably free of vermin and offer a range of accommodations. They ask as little as a shilling for a place in the common room (poor), 3-4 shillings for a bed in a shared room with another guest (12 week), 5-6 shillings for a single room (20 for week).

- A private room (5-6 shillings+) with all the comforts gives the Inn card benefit to overnight rest (+2 wounds recovered).

Gold tier inns charge at least a gold coin per night (10 per week) in their premium rooms. This is a private room with feather mattresses and free hot water in an establishment which guards secrets and property. Included in the price of the guest’s stay is shelter for three servants in a common room (more can just crowd in same space) and one modest room for an aide or two to share. 10 gold gets a floor and a small feast for guests with entertainment etc. and more rooms for retinue and guards. Gold tier inns have silver tier single and shared rooms as well.

- A gold tier private suite gives all the benefits of a Silver Tier private room.

Staying with family etc. does not avoid all costs unless intentionally “mooching”, which then avoids the upkeep costs as well as lodgings cost but requires a successful check to avoid being given errands or roles whether it be helping in the shop or attending to social engagements.

Note: lodgings uses poor/average/superior scale of 1/2 to 1 to x10, applied to rates in the Players Guide Lodgings section, the Silver Tier based on EW’s Scholar’s and Castle Rock inns, Gold on Laurel’s Rest in EW.


A riding horse costs 2 gold crowns, a warhorse 10 gold crowns or more. A draft horse or pony costs 75 shillings (ponies are preferred as mounts by halflings, who have difficulty mounting and controlling horses).

Ponies do not have the speed or carrying capacity of horses but suffer less loss of speed travelling in rough terrain – to the point that that in a marsh or mountains they are just as fast as a horse and often surer-footed.

Travel and Preserved Rations

Preserved food costs twice as much as normal, meaning basic meals to support an active person cost 10 brass pennies a day. Preserved food purchased in bulk for a week there is a slight savings and the cost is 3 shillings (instead of 80 pennies).

The Encumbrance of food and drink is 1 Enc/day, for food alone 0.5 Enc/day (4/week) if counting on finding fresh water while travelling.

Camping Gear

Available camping gear is primitive, consisting of canvas tents and bedrolls. A tent sleeping four has an Enc of 5, a bedroll Enc 3. A tent is a shilling, a bedroll is 10 pennies.

Other Expenses

A glass of wine normally costs 6 pennies and a bottle 36 pennies (or 1 shilling, 11 pennies).

The better and rarer wines available increase to costs such as a shilling, 20 shillings, a gold crown a glass (x6 a bottle).

Cheap Longingbruck Ruby is half that cost, the drink of the common man.

During the Averland Wine Festival in Averheim, a subsidy reduces cost of cheaper wines to 3 b in most cases (as cheap as ale), 1 penny for Ruby.

Living Costs

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