Imperial Calendar

The Imperial Calendar consists of 12 months, each 32 or 33 days long, with several additional days. These days stand apart from the cycle of the 8-day week.

Month English Length and Special Days
Hexenstag Witching Day 1 day, Morr
Nachexen After-Witching 32, Verena’s Year Blessing is the 1st
Jahrdrung Year-Turn 33
Mitterfruhl More-Growth 1 Spring Equinox, Manann
Pflugzeit Ploughtide 33
Sigmarzeit Sigmartide 33, Simgarfest is the 18th
Sommerzeit Summertide 33, Ranald’s Day of Folly is the 10th
Sonstill Sun Still 1 Summer Solstice, sacred to Taal and Ryha
Vorgeheim Fore-Mystery 33, the last day of the month is the dwarf holy day Saga
Geheimnistag Day of Mystery 1 Morr
Nachgeheim After-Mystery 32
Erntzeit Harvest-tide 33, halfing Pie Week is the first 8 days of month
Mittherbst Less-Growth 1 Autumn Equinox is sacred to Taal and Ryha and Ulric
Brauzeit Brewmonth 33
Kaldezeit Chillmonth 33
Ulriczeit Ulrictide 33
Mondstill World Still 1 Winter Solstice is Ulric’s sacred day
Vorhexen Fore-Witching 33


In the region of the Empire, Spring starts in mid-Nachexen (usually around the 17th). Summer starts in mid-Sigmarzeit (usually around the 18th), Fall starts in mid-Nachgeheim (usually around the 17th), and Winter starts in mid-Kaldezeit (usually around the 18th).

The Week

The Empire’s week is 8 days long. The day’s names are largely irrelevant except that markets generally are held on Marktag and Festag is generally a day of rest, but there are local variations.

Verenan temples hold services on Wellentag.

Sigmarite temples generally hold services on Festags, in large communities an evening service is held Konigstag

Day English
Wellentag Workday
Aubentag Levyday
Marktag Marketday
Backertag Bakeday
Bezhaltag Taxday
Konigstag Kingsday
Angestag Startweek
Festag Holiday

Other races and cultures have their own calendars.

Dwarves use a very similar one (some say the Empire based its calendar on the dwarf calendar).

Elves, on the other hand, do not use months at all. They speak of Seasons and Moons (meaning Mannslieb). The seasons of Frost, Rain, Sun and Storm (winter, spring, summer, fall). They might say, for example, that the festival will be held two days before the first full moon of the season of Rain.

Imperial Calendar

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