Historical Periods

As generally known in the Empire important periods of history are considered to have been:

Pre-history (before -1500) dwarves and elves build and war throughout the lands now within the Empire.

The Coming of Man (-1500 to Sigmar) waves of humans migrate into the area which is now the Empire, including both the simple woodland people who first came into the land and then the tribes that would found the kingdoms which later became the Empire’s Provinces.

Time of Sigmar (-15 through to +50) Sigmar rises to greatness and in the Year 1 is crowned after the Battle of Black Fire Pass and establishes the Empire with his capital at Reikdorf (now Altdorf). Under his rule the great roads from Altdorf to Middenheim and Nuln are built.

After Sigmar departs for the east, in the year 73, Joseph Helstrum appears preaching Sigmar’s divinity.

The Drive to the Frontiers (400-900) is the period of expansion into significant new territories, particularly under Sigismund the II, also known as the Conqueror, who was the first Emperor since Sigmar to wield Ghal Maraz. At its height the Empire extended beyond its current borders into what are now Bretonnian and Border Princes territories.

The Age of Wars (1152-1359), after the Black Plague swept the Empire and despite the efforts of Emperor Mandred until his assassination, the Empire’s provinces increasingly war with each other over borders, trade and religious differences. The entire province of the Drakwald is lost from the pressures of plague, beastmen and banditry and lack of aid from other provinces – a sign of the cost of the betrayal of the principle of unity Sigmar had founded the Empire upon. Emperors were typically short-lived during this period.

The Time of the Three Emperors (1359-1979) is the period of even increased division within the empire as first two then three claimants to the title of Emperor arose and civil wars raged between them. The Drakwald’s former territory is divided between Middenland and Nordland though most of it remains to this day the forbidding Drakwald Forest.

The Dark Ages (1979-2302) are the period of almost 400 years in which the Empire ceased to exist even as the fiction it had become in the Time of the Three Emperors, until the Great War Against Chaos and the coming of Magnus the Pious saw the Rebirth of the Empire.

Historical Periods

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