At the end of Vorhexen comes the last day of year and its last night.

The Witching Night or Hexensnacht is one of the two nights a year when the unpredictable Mórrslieb always appears and shines bright alongside Mannslieb – both full in the sky. This night is sacred to Morr, as is the other night, Geheimnisnacht.

On this night, the people of the Empire stay in their homes and pray to Morr for protection or light great bonfires to hold back the forces of Old Night. Priests of Morr patrol the night with burning brands and conduct rites to maintain the sanctity of the Gardens of Morr (graveyards).

The veils between this world and the next are thinned on Witching Night. It is a time when beastmen howl and feel their bloodthirst rise, daemons are free of the instability that usually curses them in the mortal realm, witches draw great power and the dead stir in their graves. The spirits of those who have gone before sometimes come back. Because the regions of death and sleep are so close, vivid dreams on this night give clues of a person’s fate for the coming year.

If one believed every village midwife tale and witch hunter pamphlet, it would be hard to imagine how civilization has survived the onslaught of evil at such times. The personal experience of heroes is a bit more prosaic, though there was a woodcutter late coming home who never arrived, and the merchant caravan found two days after in which all lay as if dead a year.

The Colleges of Magic discourage wizards from casting spells this day unless they have great need.

Note, just as Mannsslieb is full or not at the same time no matter where in the world one is, so too Morrslieb appears on these two nights wherever in one is the world, be it Lustria, Ulthuan, the Old World, the Southlands or elsewhere. This is part of the marked effect of these nights, for Morrlieb’s otherwise chaotic appearances are often regional.

For Players

What restless spirits might visit a hero in dreams or otherwise to give warnings of the future year’s dangers?


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