As described to the adventurers by Sister Katharina (von Mecklenburg) and recounted by Harek Harginson from his readings.

Grenzstadt lies about 180 miles on the Old Dwarf Road from Averheim (about six days by horse or coach).

Grenzstadt (pop 2520) is over five times the size of Heideck, about half the size of Streissen and a quarter the size of Averheim.

Its strategic importance means it is held directly by the Elector Count of Averland and ruled by his appointee. The current ruler is Graf Theodosius von Tuchtenhagen, who was appointed Steward of Grenzstadt by Marius von Leitdorf before his death in 2520.

It’s heavily fortified, being the last human settlement before Black Fire Pass (or first one after it if entering the Empire).

It is remembered as the last place Sigmar slept before leaving the Empire and is the terminus of the Sigmar’s Exodus Pilgrimage popular with Sigmarites.

Grenzstadt is a trade hub between the Empire and the Dwarf holds on the other side of Black Fire Pass, and trade from the Border Princes territory and Tilea. A substantial part of the population at any time are transients – merchants, mercenaries fresh from or soon to guard caravans, dwarfs, pilgrims and zealots, prospectors and trappers.

It is also the unofficial centre of trade in Dwarf Antiquities, liberated from ruins and abandoned dwarf holds in contravention of the preferences of dwarf custom. Local authorities cooperate with dwarf kingdom representatives whenever they present charges, and judges almost invariably find for the dwarfs. However, absent dwarf pressure no action is taken.


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