Gods of the Empire

Folk Song

I says a prayer to Old Man Morr
That me father’s restin’ fine
In his repose, while ‘bove him grows
The fields that now are mine

I says a prayer to Mother Rhya
That me oats will grow up well
So come Sonnestill we’ll have our fill
And plenty more to sell

I says a prayer so bearded Taal
Keeps the wolves in their lair
As oats are towed in wagon-load
Down to the market square

I sends a prayer to valiant Sigmar
Thanking him for the just law
And that the Empire be ever strong
So that the Old Dark is kept afar

I says a prayer that Shallya’s hands
Will hold me young lad fast
As plague and war took me other four
And this one be me last

I sends a prayer to wild Ulric
When me daughter comes home cryin,
To draw courage from me rage
And send a scoundrel’s teeth flying

I says a prayer to Verena
As the market deals are turnin’
That all declare me prices fair
And I makes a tidy earnin’

I says a prayer that Manann’s grace
Has sent ships in from’out sea
And captains come with tidy sums
For each delivery

At last I pray to sly Ranald
For the tricks he has supplied
So farming men, who know of them,
Can make a little on the side

The folk song does not mention Myrmidia, who is the newest official deity of the Empire. She is favoured in Tilea and Estalia and her cult has grown in popularity and influence in some parts of the southern Empire. In the north, however, people still remember, and suspect, her southern origins.

Sigmar’s Church is Empire’s dominant religious institution.

Gods of the Empire

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