Ghal Maraz

Ghal Maraz (‘skull-splitter’ in the original Khazalid) is the name of Sigmar’s legendary warhammer.

It is a symbol for the treaty of friendship between the Dwarfs and the Unberogen tribe that lead to the spread of ironsmithing, literacy, and engineering among the tribes of man.

Ghal Maraz is one of the greatest weapons ever made, engraved with runes of power that dwarf runemasters say are unrivalled and impossible to duplicate. It is of ancient origins.

The hammer has passed down from Emperor to Emperor since that time, to Karl Franz himself in the current day.

A slightly more educated view

When Sigmar abdicated the Imperial Throne and went east, it is unclear whether he left the warhammer behind or took it with him. Historical texts differ. Some say that the Emperor left the warhammer on the throne, most say Sigmar in fact went east in part to return the warhammer to the Dwarf high king.

This dominant view recounts that the Dwarfs returned it to Emperor Sigismund II in 500 Imperial. The dwarfs said it was brought to them when Sigmar went east and they had kept it until the High King was visited by Grungni in a dream. The Ancestor God bade him to return the Hammer to those who rule in Sigmar’s Empire, for they would need its great strength in times to come.

There are those that study the tale of the returned hammer and note the dwarf emissaries did not state that Sigmar himself gave it to them and in fact never said that the hammer they gave the Emperor Sigismund II was actually Ghal Maraz and not a lesser warhammer that also splits skulls (if one has a fine enough understanding of Khazalid).

Both the Cult of Sigmar and the Emperor insist that the mighty warhammer wielded by Sigismund the II, called the Conqueror, and handed down since his time to Emperor Karl Franz is the original – and there is no doubt it is an impressive weapon which never fails its wielder.

Ghal Maraz

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