After the end of the month of Vorgeheim comes Geheimnistag, the Day of Mystery, as humans call it when the lines between this world and Morr’s realm grow thin. This is a holy day of Morr and considered a potent time for auguries.

People often celebrate and remember ancestors this day but make a point to be in before nightfall as this is an ill night. During the day the Gardens of Morr are opened to allow the living to visit and honour their dead ancestors. This is the only day of the year when the Cult of Morr allows the general public into cemeteries. Otherwise, only funeral parties or mourners enter them and then always in the company of officiating priests.

There are many local customs on this day. In Stirland, folk dress up as skeletons and join in the Danse Macabre to honour the dead but also tire them out so they do not get up to mischief at night.

Geheimnisnacht is one of the two nights of the year that Mórrslieb is always predictably full. It is a time when magic is unpredictable and strong.

As with its sister night Hexensnacht, though different cultures may regard it with their own eyes, none deny that this night is special. Dwarfs name it Skraksdreg

The Colleges of Magic discourage wizards from casting spells this day unless they have great need.

In most of the Empire, the next day is a holiday or half-day of labour as folk typically sleep late on Nachgeheim 1st – having been up all night praying.


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