Fortune Point Houserule

Gaining Fortune Points

Fortune Points are gained as follows instead of “at start of session play”.

Each start of Episode/Act 1, Players all have One Fortune Point (if they had none they get one, if they had more than one they automatically lose them down to one).

At the start of Act 2 (after Rally step between acts), they get a Fortune Point. Thus if they did not spend one in Act 1, they have two.

At the start of Act 3 (after Rally step between acts), they get a Fortune Point. Thus depending on whether they spent any in Act 1 or 2, they have between one and three.

If there is an Act 4 (this is usually only for higher rank PCs), they only get a Fortune Point if they have none.

After the end of an Episode and Episode Recovery, there is an Interlude. If Players ended the Episode with Fortune Points they may keep them to use during the Interlude (e.g., on recovery rolls, shopping, other narrative rolls). Any they do not use in the Interlude will be lost/reduced to One at the start of the next Episode (see top).


This is intended to ensure that a PC has at least One Fortune Point each act, and can ‘manage them’ through Acts to “save”.

It avoids the non-narratively rational “it’s 10 minutes till end of session spend them all” effect, and also supports background/talent or other character features that work off Fortune Points and thus depend on having them available.

Reminders of Other Fortune Point Uses

See Common Rule and Houserule Reminders

Fortune Point Houserule

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